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Skincare I use to help with my oily/combination and spot prone skin

August 14, 2013

I had a bit of a brain wave the other day... I was thinking of doing a video/blog post talking about all the foundations and bb creams that I like using for oily/combination skin. If you have oily/combination skin, you will know that finding a foundation that will keep you oil free, and will last you a whole working day without getting patchy, is pretty hard to find. Over the last couple of years I have fine tuned my foundation collection to a stage where I am pretty happy with most foundations that I own, so I thought it would be a good idea to write about my collection.

I was about to gather my foundations and start taking photos when I decided that it's probably better to start with my favourite skincare for oily/combination skin... after all, if you can get your skin to a more manageable stage (reducing spots and excessive oiliness) then you will have a much better time finding foundation that works for you. So, after a long winded introduction, this post is about the skincare that I use to help combat my oily/combination and spot prone skin.

I did a video talking about this, but I am including a bit more information in this blog post

I will start with the cleansers...

Shu Uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil - One key to keeping your skin spot free, is to make sure to remove all of your makeup. I like to use a cleansing oil to melt off my makeup, and then I follow up with a gel cleanser for a double cleanse. There are a few cleansing oils on the market, but I personally love these ones by Shu Uemura. The one I have is the original formula, but when I bought my first bottle of cleansing oil I was worried that it would make my skin feel oily, so I started with the pink bottle which is the Fresh formula. The Fresh one is a thinner oil that is supposed to help keep pores clarified. I personally like both of these formulas and would recommend either one. The large 450ml bottles aren't cheap, they retail for $96, but one bottle will easily last me almost a year. You can also buy smaller 150ml bottles which retail for $36, so they are a more affordable if you wanted to try it out before you committed to a large bottle.

Nivea Visage Pure Effect Clean Deeper Daily Wash Scrub - This is a cleanser that I have been loving using lately. It is a really pleasantly scented gel cleanser that contains some exfoliating beads. Even though it is quite clarifying, it is also quite gentle on my skin. Back in the day, I used to love using products that stripped my skin of oils, but I realised that by stripping you skin, your skin starts over producing oil to compensate... so it is important to use relatively gentle cleansers and to follow it up with a good oil and/or moisturiser. This cleanser retails for $6.99 from Chemist Warehouse and $9.99 from Priceline, so it is a really affordable cleanser if you don't have much money to spend on skincare. See my full review here.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar: This is another basic gel cleanser. It is designed to purify oily skin and it's designed for sensitive skin, so it won't be too harsh and won't strip your skin of it's oils. I bought this cleanser because I have been using the moisturiser from the same range (which I will mention later in this post) and I thought it might be good to use the two together. I find that this Effaclar is really effective and I love using it with my Clarisonic. I bought this from Priceline for $19.95.

Clarisonic Mia: I have been pretty slack at using my Clarisonic for the past few months (possibly because I need to buy a new brush head), but it is a great way to keep your pores clear. Some people say that when they start using a Clarisonic their skin purges and breaks out (luckily this didn't happen to me), but in the long run a Clarisonic helps keep your skin clean, helps reduce your spots, and also makes your skin look smoother. See review here.

St Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub: I adore this scrub, it really is my favourite exfoliant of all time! I think this is my 6th or 7th tube, and whenever I try another exfoliant I always come back to this one. Not only does it smell great and have a really good consistency, but it contains salicylic acid which helps prevent/clear up spots. The consistency of this scrub is like no other, it is a dense paste of very fine exfoliating particles that is effective, but not too harsh. This retails for $9.99 at Priceline. See full review here.

Michael Todd True Organics Organic Lemon AHA + DMAE Toner: Ok, I am not a huge toner person... I have a very extensive skincare routine but this is the one step that I often leave out. I used to love using alcohol based toners, but when I found out that alcohol dries out and damages your skin, I switched to alcohol free toners, and the toning experience has never been the same since. This Michael Todd toner is ok, but I struggle finding alcohol free toners that I actually like and want to use. Toning is important because it helps remove any residue from cleansing, and it helps tighten pores, so I guess the take home message is that you should tone with alcohol free toner. Also if you have a good recommendation for a great alcohol free toner, then let me know! This retails for $18 from the Michael Todd website.

Kosmea Skin Clinic Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil: This the first of my holy trinity of skincare products. My holy trinity of skincare products are the three products that I honesty always have to have in my bathroom at all times. These are the three products that I have noticed a real difference in my skin, and the difference was pretty much noticed over night or after a few days. I love this rose hip oil, and at any time I will have a few back ups of these under my sink. I apply this after I cleanse (and tone) and then I apply my moisturiser on top of it. I find that this does a few things for my skin; it tricks my skin into thinking that it is already oily, so it doesn't produce as much oil as normal, this has consequently reduced the amount of spots I get - from one or two a day to one or two a week, and it helps reduce any acne scarring. This also has great benefits with hydration and anti-aging. I love this Kosmea brand in particular, and it used to be hard to get, but you can now get them in Chemist Warehouse for $21.99 for 20ml or $38.99 for 42ml.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: The second of the holy trinity is this drying lotion. I use this whenever I do have a spot and I want to nip it in the bud. This magical product gets rid of most spots overnight, or bad spots in two nights. This also never dries or burns my skin, so it is gentle to use as often as you need. This is by far the best spot treatment I have ever used. Please note that this doens't work on cystic acne, but Mario Badescu has other products that would suit cystic acne. This retails for $26.95 from Kit Cosmetics. See my full review here.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo: This is the last of the trio. Effaclar Duo is a thin moisturiser that acts to unclog pores and to get rid of imperfections. I first started using this a few months ago when I was having a good skin week, and I didn't see any difference at first, but it was only around a month later when I realised that my good skin week turned into a good skin month, and so forth and so forth. I use this moisturiser during the day, since I prefer thicker more hydrating moisturisers at night, but you can use this night and day if you are trying to clear up problem skin, or once a day to maintain your skin. This isn't a nice luxurious moisturiser, but it does keep your skin nice and clear from all types of acne, including cystic acne. I buy this from Priceline for $25.99.

Now that I have mentioned what skincare I use to keep my skin oil free and spot free, I thought I would mention two sunscreens that I can use on a daily basis that don't make me greasy or break out.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Extreme Fluid: I only bought this recently so I haven't used it over a long period of time, but this is a thin suncreen lotion that is SPF 50+, protects from UVA and UVB and is suitable for people with sensitive skin or allergies. I apply this over my moisturiser and under my makeup, and I find it to be very lightweight and you can't notice you are wearing it. This retails for $25.99 from Priceline.

Invisible Zinc Environmental Skin Protector: This is my favourite sunscreen, it is SPF 30+, protects from UVA and UVB, contains no chemicals, acts as a moisturiser, and a barrier for allergies. I love this one the most because I have been wearing this every day for a few month with no issues. This applies really easily, like a moisturiser, and like the Extreme Fluid, I apply this on top of my daily moisturiser and under my makeup. This has never broken me out, and I have never been sunburnt when I have worn this sunscreen. This retails for $29.99 from Chemist Warehouse, but one tube will last 6 months to a year of daily use on your face and neck. See full review here.

That post ended up much longer than I expected! I hope that someone can take something away from this post, because I know that oily skin is a battle, but there are some good products out there that can really help.

If you have tried any of these products, I would love to know what you thought of them. Also if you have any suggestions for products that I should try, then leave a comment below!


  1. We have a very similar skin type, so I really appreciate this post! I've been using the same Shu cleansing oil and it has been wonderful for my skin! You've definitely tempted me again with the rose hip oil, as well as with those sunscreens! xo

    1. Its difficult having oily skin isn't it! I am glad you also love the Shu oil :)

  2. I was really disappointed with the cleansing oil. I had heard amazing things about it, but it made me break out and just didn't work well with my skin :(

    I'd love to hear about the LR-P Sunscreen! I was thinking about buying it.

    1. That's a shame! How were you using it?

  3. I love MB drying lotion - it's the only one that actually works :)

  4. I also love using the St. Yves green tea scrub and my clarisonic mia :) Great post! xx


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