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July 2013 Empties

August 4, 2013

Another month, another empties post! As per usual, I have a lot of empties to mention so I have split this post into three parts. The first is mildly interesting products (aka skincare, makeup etc), and the second is boring essentials (aka toothpaste, deodorant etc.), and the third is samples. I also filmed a very long video about all of these products, so you can watch that below if it interests you. I will do a quick mini review of each product and I will mention whether or not I would repurchase it.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in Classic Ivory: I used to use this foundation in high school. It is a mousse that provides light to medium light weight coverage and it provides a matte finish. This isn't the best or most long wearing foundation, but I find this to be a great foundation for when you don't want to cake on the makeup, and you are just hanging around the house. This is also good to mix in with liquid foundation to thicken the liquid foundation up. People with dry skin will find that this clings to dry patches, but I don't have dry skin so it works for me. Repurchase: Not just yet, but yes.

Nivea Daily Essentials Refreshing Facial Wash Gel: This was a basic gel face wash that was ok, but I much prefer the Nivea daily wash scrub (see review here) which is the same price. Repurchase: No

Natural Being Manuka Honey Night Cream for oily to normal skin: This is a moisturiser that I found at Priceline in the bargain bin for $2 (I bought two). In my opinion, this was too thin for a night moisturiser, so I used this as a body lotion. This was nice and light and not greasy, and if I found this on sale for $2 then I would buy it again, but I wouldn't buy this full price as I only used it as a body lotion. Repurchase: Probably not

Soap and Glory Flake Away Body Polish: I really did love this stuff, it smells super nice and I like anything that makes my whole bathroom smell amazing. The only problem I had with this scrub is that it's quite runny and you need to use quite a lot of product. This did turn into a nice milky moisturising liquid when it hit the hot water, which I also loved. I would buy this again, but I want to try the Breakfast Scrub from Soap and Glory before I buy this again, because the Breakfast Scrub is more dense. See my review here. Repurchase: Yes

Prestige Waterproof Automatic Eyeliner in 22 Lightning: I can't believe I finished a green eyeliner! I must have had this eyeliner for years and years. This was ok, but if I were to buy a replacement green eyeliner, I would look at the Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl Kajal eyeliners before I repurchased this Prestige one. Repurchase: No

Escada Marine Groove Bath and Shower Gel: If you love this Escada scent, then you will love this, but as a shower gel it was just ok. Repurchase: No

Urban Rituelle Organic Hand Cream: I did like this hand cream, it had a nice earthy vanilla scent and is nice and thick. This is pretty expensive though, I think its close to $20, so for the price alone I wouldn't buy this again. I ended up using this as a body butter because I have a lot of hand creams. Repurchase: No

Garnier Clean Sensitive 2 in 1 Gentle Make-Up Remover: I love this makeup remover! I think this is like my fifth bottle, and I always find myself coming back to it. This has half oil and half liquid that you shake to mix together. The oil helps to remove makeup easily, but this is also really gentle on your eyes. I bought two different makeup removers, just to try new ones out, and I am already missing this one! See my review here. Repurchase: Yes

Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this lip balm! I have a few Korres lip butters, and this is by far the best one. Unlike the other shades, this one doesn't have much colour to it, so I tend to use this before bed. It is the scent jasmine, but it smells more like a caramel or toffee mmmmm. This makes my lips feel amazing and I look forward to applying it each night. Repurchase: Already have.

Alpha H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum: I hated this stuff! It was full of alcohol and it stung my face. In addition to that, I didn't notice any positive difference to my skin, and it cost a bomb! I think this retails for around $75. If you are thinking of buying this, do yourself a favour and spend $20 on a large bottle of rosehip oil instead! Repurchase: Hell no!

Onto the boring things... these are the basic things that I repurchase over and over again, or they are just the products that no one cares too much about. I will make this brief!

Rexona Women Confidence Body Response Anti-Perspirant Deodorant: I used to use this back in the day, and for some reason I forgot all about it until recently! I really like this, it smells good and it works pretty well. Repruchase: Yes

Listerine Total Care Enamel Defence: I love Listerine, and although I don't know if this one is worth the extra money for the "extra care", I have repurchased this. Repurchase: Already have

Swisspers Naturals Cucumber Facial Cleansing Wipes 25 pack: I never use cleansing wipes, but I did love using these for cleaning my hands when I was doing my makeup. I have been using my hands to apply my foundation for the past few months, so these really come in handy. I loved the cucumber scent, but I will be buying some generic cheap ones for my hand cleaning purposes from now on. I might buy these if I go traveling. Repurchase: Maybe

Nivea Invisible For Black and White 48 Hour Anti-Perspirant: This was eh. I didn't think it was all that impressive, I didn't hate it. If I saw this on sale I would consider buying it again :P Repurchase: Maybe

Priceline Round Cotton Pads 100 pack: I always buy these because they are pretty cheap, and I have one of these packs left under my sink, but I found a two pack of 100 round cotton pads in Kmart for $2! So I might start switching to Kmart ones. Repurchase: Probably

Radox Hand Sanitizer Cucumber and Aloe: I bought this last year when I went to China, so clearly I don't use hand sanitisers all that much if this lasted me a year. I do like having these in my bag for when I have been eating and my hands are grubby, or if my hands are grubby from makeup swatching. I loved the scent of this, cucumber scented things are awesome. Repurchase: Yes.

Colgate Optic White: I buy this often, and I will buy this again, but I am using a different Colgate toothpaste at the moment. Since this is pretty pricey, I will only buy it on sale. Repuchase: Yes

Pink Tiger Gauze Wipes 200 pack: Gauze works really well to remove nail polish. I have used gauze before for this purpose, and I would use it again, but I think I would just go to a chemist and buy some cheap home brand gauze instead of seeking this Pink Tiger one out. Repurchase: No

Here are the samples/travel sized products I used up...

Natural Therapies zNano Active Gold Eye Patches 1 pair: The patches are made from a weird thin gold jelly type substance, and even though I did really like the cooling effect of the patches (which is probably more due to the fact that I was using them in winter), I probably won't seek these out to buy them again because I don't know if they did all that much for my eyes. Repurchase: No

ICON India Shampoo and Conditioner: I did enjoy using this shampoo and conditioner, not only did it made my hair feel very clean and volumised, but I loved the smell... and I am a sucker for a nice smelling product. This had a spicey musky scent that was really nice to use in cooler weather. Repurchase: Yes

GKMBJ Soothing and Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner: I don't remember why I loved these, but I instantly liked them. I would buy these if I stumbled across them when I was in need of a shampoo and conditioner. Repurchase: Yes

Dr Lewinns Balancing Foaming Cleanser: I thought I would hate this (because I generally hate Dr Lewinns), but I actually liked this! It is like a mix between a cream cleanser and a foaming gel... and it smells like lemon... and it was a grey purple colour! I would buy this if I was in need of a cleanser. Repurchase: Yes

Rachel K CC Cream in Neutral: I bought the tube of this before I got the samples. This has a nice natural semi-matte finish, which is great for people with oily skin. This is also a nice neutral shade, but it is slightly too light for me, so I sometimes use this as a primer. I will review this as soon as I really know how I feel about this. Repurchase: Not sure yet!

U Skin Solutions Clarifying Cleansing Gel: I love this stuff! It is a gel cleanser that smells like orange and it makes my skin feel really nice and clean. I attempted to buy this but accidentally bought the scrub instead. I will buy this soon! Repurchase: Yes

EmerginC Hyper-Vitalizer Cream and Vitamin C + Retinol Mask: I liked this mask, it was a thin clay type mask that dries quickly and is easy to use... but I have tried better masks. I don't remember what the cream was like :p Repurchase: No

Make Up For Ever High Definition Primer and Foundation, and Sens'eyes: I didn't really think too much of the primer or the makeup remover, but I did like the foundation! The foundation was also my perfect shade, but it didn't say what the shade name was! If I were to buy this, I would want this exact shade! The foundation gave good coverage and had a dewy finish, but with some powder it did look good all day. Repurchase: Maybe the foundation if I find out the shade name

Yu-Be Moisturising Skin Cream: This was a nice balm type cream that smells like dirt. I did like it, but I have so many moisturising creams, so I don't want to spend $25 for a small tube of this just yet. This did work well on the dry patches on my back. Repurchase: Maybe in the future

Suigo Absolute Volume Keratin Volumiser Treatment: I don't use hair masks often, but this one was really nice and thick and nourishing. A few months ago I bought a Suigo shampoo and conditioner pack and it came with a large 500g tub of this, so I have repurchased it. Repurchase: Already have

So that's it! Now I can take all of these to the bin!

Have you used any of these products? What did you think of them?


  1. I'm a big fan of Flake Away and have recently begun to love the Sugar Crush scrub even more, it's a more dense scrub than Flake Away and feels 'heavy' whilst in your hand, not to mention the scent is amazing!

    1. oooh I will have to try that! Thanks for the tip :)

  2. Noted about the Alpha-H serum, lol! I love the Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine as well - the one in my handbag is down to the very last bits. Need to replace. I used that Maybelline mousse foundation back when I first started experimenting with makeup - back then I knew nothing about anything, so I thought it was pretty decent! I think I threw mine out when it was like 90% full though, purely because it was so old.

    1. Haha yeah, I used that when I was experimenting with makeup too... I only bought one a year or so ago for old time sake and it wasn't too bad. It definitely won't last a whole work day!


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