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Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix foundation

August 1, 2013

I have recently been on a foundation ban (I need to use some up before I buy anymore), but a few weeks ago I was at Priceline and there was a deal that if you buy the new Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation then you get a free Healthy Balance Unifying Powder. I had to take up this offer because I liked the old Healthy Balance foundation, and I love the powder! I have been using this for a few weeks now, and I have been really slack with reviews! I haven't even reviewed the new Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation, which has been my go to foundation for the past few months. I need to get my act together! Anyway, I thought I would start with reviewing this foundation, since I actually had blog photos on my computer (the Covergirl foundation photos might have to wait for the weekend).

Most people would have heard about the Healthy Mix foundation, and I actually finished a bottle of the original one a few months ago, but it has recently had a change of packaging and a change in the formula. The packaging does look a lot nicer, I especially love the glass bottle, and the new formula now comes with the title "Radiance Reveals" and is it a lot dewier than the original formula. I personally loved the original, more matte formula, but I know it didn't suit people who had drier skin.

This Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix foundation contains 30ml of product and costs $32 at Priceline (the powder is valued at $20), and I believe this is supposed to come in 6 shades, although I don't think all stores stock all shades.

My perfect shade is shade 53, and I believe the shades range from 51 to 56. Like I already said, I love the new packaging! There is something about it that looks all nice and shiny, and I love the clear lid that shows off the pump. The old bottle did also have a pump, but this one just looks nicer!

From the photos above you can see how yellow toned this foundation is (and yes my inner arm is dead white compared to the rest of me). I don't think this is only characteristic of shade 53, but I believe the whole range is quite cool toned. I personally like this because my chest and neck are much more yellow toned than my face, so I normally use yellow toned base products to make my face match my body. This however won't work for people who prefer warmer pink toned foundations.

This foundation smells nice and fruity (just like the rest of the Healthy Mix foundations), and I know this may not work for everyone but the scent does disappear once you apply it. I use one pump and I apply this foundation with my hands... I'm in a bit of a hand applying phase, so I haven't actually yet applied it with a brush. This is a really nice consistency for a foundation, it is quite a thick liquid that is easy to blend into the skin. I find this gives a light to medium coverage and can be built up to a decent medium coverage foundation. This is significantly dewier than the original formula, which a lot of people will love, but I much prefer the original formula. I like this formula, but I do need to really heavily set it with powder, and I do need to repowder after around 4-5 hours. Other than that, this is a nice looking foundation.

In a nutshell, I love the new packaging, but I do prefer the older formula. This formula is workable if you have oily combination, like I do, but if you had really oily skin this would be a no go. If you have drier skin and you previously didn't like the dry finish of the old formula, then you may love this new "Radiance Reveal" formula.

Smells nice
Gives a nice medium coverage
Dewier finish than the original formula (this may be a pro for some people)
Good packaging
Easy to apply
6 shades
All shades numbers are universal across the Bourjois range

Much dewier than the original formula
Pretty pricey for a "drugstore" brand - $32
People may dislike the fruity scent
The whole range of shades are very yellow toned

Have you tried this foundation? What do you think of it compared to the original?


  1. Thanks so much :) I'm on a hunt for a new foundation so was wrapped to read this! Cheers

  2. I've just started to like the original formula, and find it applies great with the MAC 187 stippling brush. I'm not sure if I would get along with the new formula though cause I find my face gets oily half way through the day :(
    Would love to know more about the other foundations you use!
    Paris x

    1. I am the same way. This one does work, you just need to powder it. This one does last quite well.

  3. This is my foundation of the moment and I'm loving it! It looks like Australia's got the same problem as Brazil in the cosmetics department, everything is so overpriced (so I hear in Australia?)! I've moved to the UK a year ago from Brazil and I've been in cosmetics heaven. haha This foundation only costs £9 here! xx

    1. Yeah prices here are crazy, but I do often buy them on asos which is so much cheaper. I bought this because of the deal

  4. I haven't tried the original, but I love love love this version!xxx

  5. I haven't bought it because the it doesn't suit my skin color. And wow,$32??? ..And I thought that makeup here is expensive here =o

    1. Yeah Australia sucks for prices!

  6. I've also tried the earlier version of this and really liked it! The colour matched well and I adored the smell! I might try this out because I like the idea of dewy skin, but I'm a bit concerned about colour match! But, I'll definitely test this out next time I'm in Priceline!

    1. The colours are very similar to the original version!

  7. I've never tried any of these Bourjois products but the foundation has gotten rave reviews but I dont think I would suit it because it is quite yellow based. It is pricey for a drugstore brand though!

  8. I haven't tried it but it's on my list!


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