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Nivea Visage Pure Effect Clean Deeper Daily Wash Scrub review

July 15, 2013

I have been so slack with reviews lately, which is shit of me because I have been using some really good products! One really affordable cleanser that I have been loving lately is the Nivea Visage Pure Effect Clean Deeper Daily Wash Scrub.

This is a cleanser that is designed for oily skin. It is a gel cleanser that contains a few exfoliating beads that are gentle enough for daily use, and it also contains Lactic Acid that is supposed to help clear pores. This doesn't foam up heaps, but it does have a really clean scent, it also cleans well without drying out my skin. I don't know how well this keeps pores clear, but I have had pretty good skin for the past few months, and I am sure that this has contributed. I also like the packaging, it's easy to dispense product, and it stands up with the dispenser facing down so it's easy to use this up to the very last drop.

Normally I am of the impression that skincare needs to be expensive for it to be good, but I really like this cleanser for a basic affordable everyday gel cleanser. This costs $9.99 full priced, and is often on sale (it's currently on sale at Priceline for $7.49)


  1. I really like the look of this, is it weird that I like the bright colour and want it because it is pretty? lol

  2. Hmm I agree with Emma, I want it because it looks pretty haha! It sounds nice though, I might have to pick it up! (I've been liking the toner from the same range!)

  3. Sounds like an excellent, affordable option for my oily/sensitive skin! Thanks for the review :)

  4. I always loved Niveas product! this sounds like something I need to buy!

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