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New favourite nail design

July 11, 2013

I thought I would do a quick post on a nail look that I have been loving lately. I posted the above photo on instagram the other day, and I love the effect! I can't wait to try this with different colours. This lined pattern looks quite complicated, but its actually pretty easy.

I used the following nail polishes to create this look:
  • Natio Nail Colour in Valentine
  • China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Re-Fresh Mint
  • Sportsgirl Nail It in Goddess

So what I did was paint my nails red with two coats of Valentine. I then painted a thick line in the center of my nail with Re-Fresh Mint. After the thick line dried, I painted a thinner line of Goddess in the middle of the nail. Bam! It's easy as that!

Whats your favourite nail design?


  1. Wow, such gorgeous nails! I really love the design! The colors are so pretty too :D

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  2. Looks great!!! Love the colour combination :)

  3. I love the colours ! it reminds me a bit of christmas ^_^

  4. This is really pretty and I really love how Goddess looks on your nails- it's such a nice metallic gold! At the moment I'm loving Revlon's Bare Bones with one thin coat of Sally Hansen's Gem Crush in Big Money :)

    1. I need to try the Gem Crush range, they look so pretty!

  5. These just got me in a very "christmas-y" mood! Who could believe that it's less than half a year away already!

    Gorgeous nails!
    Also, I've been loving your videos lately!

    x Bridget

  6. Nice color! Look like candies to me lol

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  7. This looks really festive - the colour combination reminds me of Christmas trim or candy canes or candy wrappers :) I am totally clueless when it comes to nail designs - should really get some more inspiration!

  8. pretty nails! reminds me of Christmas candy canes <3

  9. very cute~ I love the sparkley stripe in the center ^_^

    Joyce @

  10. Looks so much more complicated than it is, I love that! Think I'm going to give this a go with different colours :)


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