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Nail look using China Glaze Re-Fresh Mint and Revlon Whimsical

July 17, 2013

I reviewed Revlon's Whimsical nail polish the other week (see review here), and I bagged it out a little bit because it is SO sheer. A lot of people left comments saying that it's more of a top coat and that I should layer it over another nail polish. Since I was reviewing the polish, I really wanted to wear it on it's own and didn't want to layer it, but now that I know how sheer it really is, I will only ever use it over a base. This is a quick follow up post about what Whimsical looks like layered over another polish.

For the look I used Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze, since it is the closest shade that I have to the base colour of Whimsical.

This is what two coats of Whimsical looks over two coats of Re-Fresh Mint. It looks pretty, but you still really need four coats of polish to get a nice even effect (and an additional two coats if you want a base coat and a top coat). This is a really pretty, but I am still not impressed with Whimsical! I not only did I have to apply two coats over Re-Fresh Mint, but since there isn't much glitter in Whimsical, I also had to dot pieces of glitter on each nail to get an even spread of glitter over the nail. With the sparse amount of glitter in this polish, you would ideally need to apply three layer of Whimsical to get a nice glitter coating, but 7 layers of nail polish is metal in my opinion!

So am I converted, do I now love Whimsical? No.

I love the final look, but man this is a high maintenance nail polish! I bought Whimsical from Japan, but it has finally been released in Australia (...after how many years?!?), so if you want to buy this nail polish after my glowing reviews, then head down to your local Priceline or Chemist Warehouse to pick it up!


  1. The colours of the glitters look really pretty but imagine if there were heaps more glitter <3 Thanks for a honest review! At least this is one polish I won't feel too tempted to add to my collection :) Phew!!!

  2. It may have taken a lot of work but the final effect is gorgeous! Looks great with Re-Fresh Mint xx

  3. ooooo how cute is this. I love a minty colour. I have the minty Essie one- i havent used it yet, but I am keen to in Summer :)

    Luc X

  4. I love the final look! I know whimsical is a very sheer polish so I wouldn't dare wear it on its own or I would have to use too many coats!
    x Court

  5. It is a pretty top-coat, but definitely on the sheer side. You've gotten me totally tempted by Re-Fresh Mint, though! xo



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