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Mermaid nails: Sportsgirl Nail It nailpolish in Glitter Envy

July 1, 2013

I was at Sportsgirl last week buying some stockings, and the lady at the counter had the most amazing nails, so I ran back to the nail polish section to pick up the polish she was wearing. This nail polish is called Glitter Envy and it is a green tinted nail polish that is jam packed with emerald green glitter. There is also a pink version that I might just have to pick up too. All Sportsgirl nailpolishes cost $8.95.

This is three coats of the polish, you really only need two coats to get a nice full covering of glitter if you are careful and apply it really evenly. I went for a third coat for these photos because I applied two coats of this in a hurry before work and there were some patches that weren't completely covered with glitter.

The above photos make this look like a light blue shade, but its more of a dark emerald that is quite hard to capture on my normal camera, so I decided to take some photos on my phone as well, which gives a more accurate representation of the colour... but it still doesn't capture it perfectly.

Even though this is a glitter polish, from afar your nails look like they have emerald foil on them. This is an amazing nail polish, and even though it does chip after a day or two (if you don't wear a top coat), it is worth it! I'm not going to lie, this is a jerk to remove... and you will end up looking like a glitter bomb has exploded in your hands, but once again, it's worth it! I feel like I have mermaid fingers when I wear this, and I want to get the pink one so I can have princess nails too :P

I have had so many people comment on my nails when I wear this, it's definitely a conversation starter!

Keep an eye out for this polish featuring in my July favourites!


  1. This looks incredible! I've always been a huge fan of Sports Girl nail polish, never disappoints.

  2. I was waiting for this post and these pictures just confirm that it's insanely gorgeous! Go Sportsgirl!

  3. Beautiful polish!
    I might have to go pick this up! :P

  4. wow!!! This looks stunning :) Sportsgirl have some awesome polishes at the moment!

  5. Woah, I usually don't wear green but this one's so vibrant!

    x Court

  6. This is so pretty! I always love the shades Sportsgirl releases

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  7. Gosh, this is gorgeous! Both the shade and the glittery foil-like finish are super stunning. Wish we had this brand of polish here in Canada! xo


  8. So amazing! I just love the color and the glitter is so fancy but I'd hate to take it off!

  9. Yeah, totally have to drop into Sportsgirl in the morning!

  10. Yup! The May birthstone one :)


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