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MAC RiRi Boy review, swatches and comparison with MAC Heroine and Violetta

July 5, 2013

I ordered two lipsticks from MAC last week, and I don't normally buy MAC lipsticks because they are so god damn expensive! ($36 in Australia), but I couldn't resist buying one of the lipsticks from the new Rhianna collection. I was originally going to buy RiRi Woo, but I was looking up swacthes and comparisons online, and it looks almost identical to Ruby Woo, which I already have. I decided instead to order RiRi Boy, and while I was placing an order I also ordered Lady Danger (which I will review soon). I also used the discount code "riri" for free shipping, but I thought that it is worth mentioning that you can only order a maximum of one of each RiRi items per order.

Riri Boy is a limited edition retro matte lipstick. Even though this is limited edition, it doesn't have any special packaging, it only has Rhianna's signature engraved into the actual lipstick.

MAC describes this shade as being a matte vivid lavender, but I think it is more of a mid toned matte mauve.

RiRi Boy
RiRi Boy

I love this shade! It is a perfect wearable purple, and what I mean by that is that I would personally be comfortable wearing this to work instead of a mid toned pink. This would suit anyone who likes berry shades. It is very matte, which I expected from a retro matte formula, but it is not too dry or uncomfortable to wear. I didn't prep my lips at all in the above photo, so the lip swatch is what RiRi Boy looks like on bare lips, without any exfoliation, lip balm, or lip liner. This stays on the lips for hours thanks to the retro matte formula, and even though it is very matte, it doesn't cling to dry patches and it doesn't drag on the lips when you are applying it.

l-r: RiRi Boy, Heroine, Violetta
l-r: RiRi Boy, Heroine, Violetta

I thought I would show a quick swatch comparison with other MAC purple shades that I have. Heroine is a matte formula, but you can see that RiRi Boy is a lot drier than a traditional MAC matte formula. Both Heroine and Violetta (which is an amplified formula) are brighter and darker than RiRi Boy.

Overall, I love this lipstick. I am a sucker for a purple lip, and a sucker for a really good quality matte, so this is perfect for me. I am really glad I bought this shade, and I think buying RiRi Boy and Lady Danger (review coming soon!) has really reignited my love for MAC lipsticks!


  1. I read somewhere that Riri Woo is supposed to look like Ruby Woo, because it's Rihanna's favorite shade.
    The lipstick looks gorgeous, what a shade!


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