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MAC Lady Danger lipstick - review, swacthes, and comparison with Morange

July 8, 2013

This is my new baby! I have been wanting the Lady Danger lipstick by MAC for around 18 months, and being a pro shade it can be quite hard to track down. After attempting once or twice, I ended up forgetting about it, and it was only when I was placing an order online for RiRi Boy (see review here) that I decided it would be a good opportunity to finally get Lady Danger. I am so glad that I did! This shade is my perfect red! You can buy all of MAC lipsticks (including pro shades and limited edition shades) on the MAC website and they retail in Australia for $36.

Lady Danger is a matte finish and it is described on the MAC site as being a "vivid bright coral-red". I think this is more of a bright orange toned red.

*Drools* I adore this lipstick! Not only is the shade an epic bombshell red shade, but the formula is the perfect matte formula. This lipstick is really creamy, is crazy pigmented, it doesn't drag on the lips, it doesn't cling to dry patches, and lasts a good 4+ hours with minimal eating and drinking (I can't go more than 4 hours without eating or drinking). I wore this out last night and I was pretty much drinking constantly and snacking, and it lasted a good 2-3 hours without needing touching up.

Putting aside the phenomenal colour, what I love so much about this lipstick is that it is a really comfortable matte. I never feel the need to apply a balm or gloss over this, and it is just so easy to apply. In the lip swatch above I didn't exfoliate or apply any balm before using this, it just glides over your lips covering all the flaws, it is a fool proof lipstick!

I decided to do a quick comparison with my favourite MAC lipstick shade, "Morange". I decided to compare these, because they are the two most well known orange toned shades from MAC.

You can see that compared to Morange, Lady Danger looks like a true red shade. Lady Danger is also more opaque and had a matte finish, whereas Morange has a slight sheen to it (since it is an amplified formula instead of a matte). Being a matte shade, Lady Danger also lasts slightly longer on the lips.

Overall, I adore Lady Danger... as much as I love Morange! I am also happy to see that Lady Danger is quite different to Morange, so you can own both without feeling like you have doubled up on the same shade. Lady Danger has reignited my love for MAC lipsticks, and I can't wait to buy more!

What are your favourite MAC lipstick shades?

Also check out the video of my current MAC lipstick collection here.


  1. I really want Lady Danger!! I have many blue and yellow based reds but not an orange-y red xx

  2. Such a great color! Sadly I could never pull it off!

  3. I've been stalking this shade too for a couple of months but it's always sold out at MAC boutiques here in Italy...

  4. Lady Danger is absolutely beautiful! Looks great with your skin tone x

  5. Wow, that colour is gorgeous! I don't have any MAC lippies and not sure I could ever pull-off such a bright lip, but that is a truly stunning colour.

  6. Wow! that colour is amazing, just added it to my Mc wishlist, love your review. x

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  8. My favorite red lipstick, Lady Danger. I so love it. You should see me rock it.

  9. I just bought it . Yayyy . It is a.m.a.z.i.n.g . It's really smooth when applying it and the pigmentation is just great . And best part is it fits all skin tone . I'm so so so in love . I usually wear lady danger with a black liner. :)


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