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July Bellabox 2013

July 10, 2013

It's Bellabox time, and these were sent really early this month! Bellabox has been hitting it out of the park with their boxes lately, so I was really excited to see what they had in store for the July box. Bellabox is a beauty subscription box that costs $15 a month, and you can sign up here.

This month the box had a blue cardboard slip around it, which said that this month is presented by LUXE City Guides.

The card also highlights that this month has a travel theme to it.

These are all the products that I received, and below is the card that gives information about each product and also the retail price of the full size.

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LUXE City Guide - full size item: In my box I got a LUXE guide to New York. This retails for $12.95 and is a fold out cardboard guide that gives information about shopping, dining, and lifestyle in New York. This is a nice little bonus, and I will keep in it my bookshelf in case I ever go to New York. I am curious as to whether other people got different city guides. 

Baby Foot - full size: This is a foot mask that helps exfoliate your feet. I used one of these last year (see my blog post on it), and I found that this worked really well, but it didn't remove all of the dead skin on my feet. This is the best time of the year to do it because your feet do peel for a few days, so its best to keep them covered! This retails for $29.95, which instantly makes this box great value.

Libra Hotties Heat Patch - 1 pack: Heat packs are actually really great inventions, and I first discovered them when I was in China for a month in the dead of winter. We used to buy heat packs and put them in our pockets/jackets to keep us warm in the -18 to -30 degree weather we were staying in. These would be great for period pain, which often comes with back pain, and these claim to last up to 8 hours... so they might even be handy on really cold nights in bed. I will keep this for my next period.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips - 2 pack: I love pore strips, but I personally aren't the biggest fan of these Biore ones, but I know a lot of people love them. I love that this is a two pack because it allows you to use them for a few weeks and really see if you like them. Some people got Biore makeup remover wipes instead of the pore strips.

Suigo Australia Honey Soap - full size: I actually have this soap in my shower at the moment! It is a translucent soap that has a honey comb pattern in it, and it has a nice soft honey scent. I don't mind this soap, it isn't super creamy but it does the job.

Model Co Cheek and Lip Tint in Rosy Red - 5ml sample: This is half the size of the full version, and I think this size is good enough for me! I find these liquid stains really hard to use, and if I love it then I will be happy to buy the full size, but this size will easily last a good year of moderately frequent use. This is a dark magenta berry shade, and when sheered out it looks like a nice pinky red flush. I haven't yet applied it to my face or lips, but I did take arm swatches below. This also smells really yummy, almost like grape jelly when you have first put the hot water in the jelly crystals. The smell does linger for aaages, which I like, but I know that some people will have a problem with.

Yu-Be Moisturising Cream - 3g sample: This is a tiny sample of a moisturising cream that has been popular in Japan for over 50 years. This is supposed to be applied to dry spots anywhere on your body and is supposed to be absorbed instantly. I will give this a go, because I get dry patches on my back in winter... but I can't see a 3g sample lasting too long!

La Fresh Eco-Beauty Wipe: 1 wipe: This is an instant body smoother wipe that contains peppermint and is 100% biodegradable. This is supposed to sooth dry and over-worked skin. I am not sure where to use this, but I love trying new wipes!

So that's it! This box is great value for money, and although this is not a conventional monthly box, I will make an effort to use everything in it... also people complain about always getting shampoo or body lotion samples, so this box definitely delivers some new and interesting products to try! If you want to join Bellabox, then you can join up here. I am currently uploading an opening video too, so stay tuned for that!



  1. I have my post going up tomorrow about this box but I was really disappointed with the contents. I will use a few things but overall wasn't impressed.

    1. Yeah it's not my favourite, but better than some of the previous boxes I've had!

  2. I haven't received mine yet, sadly... I wish it would hurry up haha! Hopefully tomorrow! I don't mind the look of the box, I wouldn't say it's "wow" worthy but it's definitely not bad!

    1. Thats exactly how I feel about it!

  3. I haven't received mine yet, but I'm most excited about that travel guide! Currently planning my trip to the US so I think it will be super helpful! :P

  4. I'm interested in trying out those hotties pack and the lip/cheek tint!

  5. haven't received mine yet.
    I hope I get the lip/cheek tint to try and I'd def give everything else a go... haven't tried Baby Foot so keen to give that a go if I get it too :)

  6. I hope I get this box just for the baby foot thing. my feet get crazy dry and feral during winter no matter how well I look after them!

  7. I just got the same box as you! (my guide is also New York, I'd assume the other 2 themes would be different places though). I'm excited about the Baby Foot (especially since I'd never personally pay a lot for them).

  8. I got the same pack as well , I will be interested to see what other Travel Boxes have and the regular boxes as well. I was happy with mine but agree with the sizes of a couple of the sample ...mostly the Yu-Be cream which I would have loved to be a bit bigger

  9. Some nice products to try, but a little bit disappointing, i'm not sure how I feel abou Baby Foot! Not too keen to have my skin peel for 2 weeks

  10. Oh no- it looks like you've already opened the Libra Hottie! It will have heated up... opening the sachet activates it! Hope you got some use out of it


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