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July 2013 Favourites

July 28, 2013

Another month has nearly finished, and unlike most months this year, July has really dragged for me... so much so that I really had to think hard about what products I loved this month. I am sure I missed out of some products, and I even forgot to include a fail, but it's just been one of those months!

I filmed my July favourites and the video is below, but if you are more of a blog reader, then I have also included a summary of each product and also swatches!

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo for Dark and Deep Brown Hair: I haven't strayed from Batiste for a very long time (mainly because I keep getting cans of it in beauty subscription boxes), but I decided to try the Girlz Only dry shampoo when I saw that they released a brown version, because I am sick of having to brush out white powder from my hair. This dry shampoo doesn't deposit any colour into your hair, but the brown tint does cancel out the whiteness of the powder. This isn't as powdery as Batiste, which I like because I think that Batiste is too powdery, but if you have very dirty hair then this doesn't work as well as Batiste. I tend to use this to help refresh my hair and also to add a bit of volume, and it works really well because if you apply a small amount to the roots then you really don't even need to brush this out. I think this is a great bargain for only $2, but if you wanted to use dry shampoo as a way to avoid washing dirty hair, then this doesn't work all that well, but it does help to keep second day hair looking fresher. See my review here

Sportsgirl nail polish in the shade Glitter Envy: I love this polish! It is a turquoise glitter shade that is jam packed full of glitter, and you get an opaque covering with three thin coats or two thick coats of this polish. This isn't the best quality polish, but I find that with a top coat I can get 5-7 days of wear before I have to face the daunting task of removing it. I would say that I wore this for about two and a half to three weeks in total in July. This is also the type of polish that gets a lot of compliments. See my review here

l-r: MAC Lady Danger, Guerlain 16 Orange Brulee

MAC Lady Danger lipstick: I have wanted this lipstick for ages, and I finally bought it on the MAC website. This is a pro colour, which means you can't buy it from the Myer/David Jones counters, you can only get them from the pro stores or online, but this is available permanently. This is a lovely bright orangy red shade and has a matte finish. I am in love with this shade, it is my perfect red lip shade. See review here

Guerlain lipstick in 16 Orange Brulee: This is a really old lipstick that my Mum gave me, and I started wearing it to work. What I love about this is that it is a nice muted orangy work appropriate red, and it lasts so well! I apply this in the morning and it lasts until I eat my lunch, then I reapply it after lunch and it lasts until I get home.

Top: Guerlain 16 Orange Brulee. Bottom: MAC Lady Danger
l-r: Illamasqua Naked Rose, NARS Luster

Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Naked Rose: Since I have been wearing a bold lip to work, I have been needing to tone down the blush. I have been wearing mainly one of two blushes each day and the first one that I have been wearing is Naked Rose. This is an all time favourite blush for me, it is matte, it gives a natural pink flush to the cheeks and I have been wearing it a lot with a red lip and a nude eye, or a smokey eye and a nude lip. See review here.

NARS blush in Luster: This is the first time this blush has make it into my favourites. I bought this in Japan in May, and it took me a month or two to really appreciate it. What I love about this blush is that it is very close to my natural colouring, so instead of adding a new colour to my face, it just adds a lot of dimension. I wear this when I am wearing a bold eye and a bold lip and I don't want to add a bold cheek. This adds a bit of natural colour to my cheeks, adds a slight contour, and also a nice gold sheen. This is the closest product I have to a blush, contour and highlighter all in one.

Top: NARS Luster. Bottom Illamasqua Naked Rose
Top: Mirenesse in Saphire Blue. Bottom: Rimmel in Deep Blue

Mirenesse Tight Liner Hydra Gel Liner in Saphire Blue: I won this in a pack about a year ago, and I never really wore it until recently. For some reason I have been wearing a blue liner or blue smokey eye a lot this month, and if I ever do a blue winged liner I use this I am not a Mirenesse fan, but I do love this shade, and it is not a bad liner.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal liners in 006 Deep Blue: I love this range of liners, and this has been a shade that I previously haven't used too often. I have been using this lately to achieve a blue smokey eye, or I use it just on the waterline to create a blue lower lash line effect. This is a great blue because it is dark enough to work as a bold liner, and it is not too bright so it is quite wearable. It also works well on the waterline, it doesn't budge once it has set, but it is creamy enough to easily blend when it is first applied. See my review here.

Top: Mirenesse in Saphire Blue. Bottom: Rimmel in Deep Blue

So that's it! This July has been pretty uneventful, but hopefully I will have more goodies to show you in August. What were your fabourite beauty products of July?


  1. That polish is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Wow, these are some fantastic picks! Glitter Envy is such a perfect mermaid-inspired shade and Lady Danger has been on my wishlist forever. Love a good orange-red! And you've totally tempted me with both of those blushes! Might turn to Naked Rose when I finish up my Laura Mercier Rose Petal :)



  3. That glitter polish is amazing! I was tempted to pick up some Sportsgirl nail polishes on the weekend but I don't remember seeing this beautiful mermaid colour! Probably sold out or not available in our area -_-

    - Kate Xx
    The Minted Beauty

  4. Brilliant picks - would love to get my hands on all of these :)

    Dolce Beauty


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