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SkinVitals Hydraflex Multi-Peptide Flex-Cloth Mask

June 22, 2013

I got home from worth this evening and had a shower, and I decided to use my cloth mask that I got in the Priceline skincare gift bag (see post here). I wasn't going to review this, but I was really impressed with the way the mask is designed so I decided to take some last minute photos... sorry about the poor lighting!

This is a cloth mask which is soaked in a gel like liquid that is supposed to hydrate the skin etc... My skin does feel quite nice and plump after using it, but I really wanted to show the shape of this mask! I normally don't like these types of masks because they end up falling off or the parts around the jaw and chin start coming loose from your face... not this one!

The above photos shows how to apply this mask. You apply it to your face and then you loop the holes, on the side of your mask, over your ears. After that you smooth out the long part at the bottom of the mask under your chin, and then loop those holes over your ears. This ends up holding the mask in place really firmly, and it also acts as a mask on your chin and jaw!

The mask after I removed it

I though this was a really smart design, and I would say that this is the only cloth mask that I have actually enjoyed using!

This is sold at Priceline and retails for $14.99 for a 3 pack, but they are currently one sale for $11.99.


  1. Ooh, I love a good cloth mask! The design of this one is really unique and handy- glad you enjoyed using it! xo


  2. Oh the design looks quite funky! Great solution to the regular masks that are poorly shaped.


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