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Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers in 102 Nova and 501 Stellar - review and swatches

June 10, 2013

If you read beauty blogs you will recognise these Apocalips Lip Lacquers by Rimmel. I bought these on ASOS for around $7 each purely because I heard so many good reviews about them. These haven't yet hit Australian stores, so if you did want to buy them, you will need to buy them from ASOS. My order arrived about a month ago and to be honest, I wasn't super impressed with them, and I have been putting off writing this review. These are liquid lipsticks, and you can get them in 8 shades on ASOS. I bought the shades 102 Nova and 501 Stellar, because I wanted a wearable pink and also a bright bold shade.

I do love the packaging of these, not only do they look pretty cool, but I love that the bottom is clear so you can see what the shade is without needing search for the shade name. Also I love the applicator! A doe foot applicator is perfect for a liquid lipstick, and I love that it has dip in the applicator which allows for more product to pool, so you can apply a thick layer of the lipstick without having to re-dip the applicator.

l-r: 102 Nova, 501 Stellar
102 Nova
501 Stellar

Both of these liquid lipsticks are really easy to apply, they are really smooth and very pigmented. The shade Nova is a pretty mid toned mauve and Stellar is a bright dark coral. These are very wet lipsticks, so they glide over dry patches on your lips so they will suit people who hate lipsticks that cling to dry patches. They also don't feel sticky on your lips... and they make your lips look amazing!

These Apocalips Lip Lacquers have a lot of positive points about them, so I can understand why people love them. What I don't like about them is that they stay liquid until they come off... they never set! Because they stay wet, they smear and smudge and they come off as soon as you eat or drink. I personally think these are too high maintenance to wear often. I will only reach for these to apply over a matte lipstick or a Lip Tar to add a bit of sheen. If you are ok with high maintenance lip products, then these are beautiful and I recommend them! If you like to apply a product and not have to worry about about it for a few hours, then don't fall for the hype, these are not for you!

Great pigmentation
Easy to apply
Not sticky

They don't set
Smear easily
Don't last very long 
Have a weird scent


  1. I actually saw these in Kmart - in 8 shades but three were different to the ones on asos, I think they were Phenomena, Stargazer and Solstice. I have 2 and agree that they move around quite a bit, but I've been liking applying them in a thin layer - you still get the colour but a bit less gloss and smearing.

    1. Applying it thinner is better, but I just prefer to use a different lip product!

  2. Oooh, thank you for this - I've heard nothing but good things from British bloggers so this is definitely a new perspective. Sounds like these are coming out in July in Australia judging by Tashi's comment and BeautyHeaven's Instagram so I might pick one up and give it a go but high maintenance lipsticks are definitely not my thing...

    1. Don't pick up too many before you wear it

  3. Completely off topic but priceline is having a huge sale at the moment. So it's the perfect time to pick up any new products

  4. Ooo that's interesting that these are out already! I'm yet to see any. It's a shame you didn't enjoy them though, I find them really great for wearing. I just make sure to blot and reapply and I find they stay put :)


    1. I just don't like how wet they are, I do agree that applying, blotting and reapplying will make it last longer, but I just don't like the messiness.

  5. I hate when pretty colours don't stay, but they look great otherwise!

    1. Agreed! If only a psychic told me not to buy them... get it, get it!

  6. I got mine from ASOS and I basically wore each of my three colours once and have never bothered again. Beautiful colours but too much work for me.

  7. I really need to get my hand on Nova, it's such an amazing shade :)


  8. I actually agreed with you that they stay wet the entire time, a bit annoying.. but gosh they look good! You picked gorgeous colours too!

  9. Both of these shades are so lovely! Stellar is especially up my alley. Liking how pigmented these are, but a shame to hear how easy they smear. Thanks for the review! xo



  10. Such a glossy rich finish, I love stellar, just stunning!

  11. I love the color of Stellar <3.

    Greetings from Shirayuki's Beauty.


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