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I ended up getting the Priceline skincare gift bag!

June 21, 2013

I posted yesterday about the skincare gift bag that Priceline are giving away from the 20th-22nd of June in store and online... you can get it after the 22nd until stock runs out, so if a store has sold out then you're out of luck!

So the way you get this bag (that is valued over $220) is by spending $60 or more on skincare by the following brands (see photo below). I wasn't going to get this, but my friend got it yesterday and she was telling me how great it is, so I looked in my bathroom and realised that I do need body butter, a body scrub and makeup remover... that's a good enough reason to run out and spend $60 at Priceline right?!? I ended up also getting my friend a mosituriser and my Mum a cleanser, so I didn't have to spend the whole $60 on skincare for myself.

Click to see a larger photo

The above products are the products that I got in the bag. Look how many there are! I have only tried the Biore Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser, so this not a review it's just a list of the products that I got in the bag. I know some of the products vary from bag to bag, as far as I can tell the Puretopia product varies, the Nude By Nature product varies, the Nivea lip gloss type varies... and maybe the Formula 10.0.6 vaired between each bag.

The products I got are:

Avene Thermal Spring Water 50ml
Beauty Essentials Sorboline Cream 500ml
Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub
Swisspers Cucumber Facial Wipes 25 pack
Biore Comination Balancing Cleanser 200ml
Skinvitals Hydraflex Face/Visage Mask
Chapstick Ultra SPF30
Nude By Nature Super Antioxidant Foaming Cleanser 125ml
Puretopia Clay Mask 125ml
Palmer's Daily Calming Facial Lotion 100ml
Formula 10.0.6 Down To The Pores Strips 6 pack
Yes To Blueberries Travel Cleansing Towlettes 8 pack
Dove Visible Revitalising Beauty Lotion 250ml
Vaseline Dry Skin 400ml
Dermaflex Adult Eczema Repair Cream 100g
Nivea Lip Care Hydro Care
Palmer's Twin Pack Lip Balm
Dr Lewinn's Essential Bio Care Oil 100ml
Aveeno Positively Radiant Eye Illuminator 15ml
Palmer's Even Tone BB Cream 5ml sample
$5 off Avene coupon

This is what I bought to get the pack. The Lanolips products aren't included as part of the $60, but they were on sale :P I also bought a moisturiser by Dermaflex that I got for a friend.

I bought:

Palmer's Cocoa Body Scrub 200g
Aveeno Postitively Radiant Skin Brightening Daily Scrub 140g (for my Mum!)
Palmer's Cocoa Butter 400ml plus a bonus Palmer's Daily Calming Facial Lotion 100ml
Sanctuary Spa Hot Scrub 550g
Swisspers Aloe Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover 100ml
Nivea 3 in 1 Waterproof Make-up Remover
Lanolips Triple Buttermilk Body Balm 170ml (on sale for $5 down from $23.95!)
Lanolips Herbal Treatment Body Oil 60ml (on sale for $5 down from $18.95!)

Here is my video where I go through whats in the bag:

So that's it! No more skincare shopping for me for a year! Did you end up getting this gift bag too? 


  1. I wasn't going to so when I seen this in my blog feed I laughed! I literally just placed an online order because my local priceline is so groslly stocked so I'm glad that I ordered online! I got everything but 1 thing I wanted. I couldn't help myself!


    1. Its so hard to resist isn't it! I mainly went because my friend kept telling me how good it is... then I realised that I was nearly out of some products, and I knew I would have kicked myself if I had to go to Priceline in a couple of weeks to get skincare, so I had to get it :P

  2. I got mine this morning!
    Stocked up on a few facial wipes and body scrubs!
    Really happy with the goody bag. But I wont be spending on skincare for a very long time lol
    I got the Nivea lip balm in Strawberry, in my bag

    1. I would have preferred the strawberry one! I think these bags are going to sell out fast!

  3. holy moly, priceline has been going all out lately! Definitely a year's worth of skincare here!

    1. I won't need lip balms or body lotion for ages!

  4. oh.. now I kinda wish I had got it :)

  5. I wasn't sure whether or not to pick this up or not, but after seeing your photos of all the goodies I'm getting persuaded to! I'll definitely will be checking out Priceline tomorrow!

    1. Its worthwhile if you need to buy a few products... of if you really want some of the products in the bag :)

  6. I was amazed at the number of products in this bag when I first saw it! Really wanted to get it but I don't think I'll ever end up using that many skincare products..

    Vanity Corner

  7. I wasn't going to get this, but after I saw the photo you took with the products all laid out like that, I figured it would be worth it. I picked one up, and wow - I have no idea what I am going to do with so many body lotions and cleansers... I think I will be giving some of this stuff to my Mum/sister! Still - any excuse to splurge at Priceline. ;)

    Thanks for the post - it was really helpful.


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