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Priceline skincare gift bag!

June 20, 2013

I was at the shops today and I saw this gift bag at Priceline. It is jam packed full of some great skincare, and I used a lot of self control to stop myself from buying $60 worth of products to get this bag... I am sure I will cave soon and go get it.

But I thought I should let you guys know about it! This is what the Priceline website says about this free gift:

Spend $60 or more in store or online in one transaction on Skincare across these brands to receive a FREE Skincare Gift Bag. VALUED AT OVER $220. HURRY! Available 20th-22nd June or while stocks last. Love your skin with this Free Gift. ACTUAL PRODUCT & SHADES MAY VARY FROM THOSE SHOWN.
Starts Today - Ends 01 Jul
The reason why I didn't jump at the offer was because I recently tidied up all the products under my skin, and I realised that I really don't need any more skincare...

Are you going to get this bag? What are you going to buy to get it?


  1. I'm thinking about it :) I don't "need" it though and I only like organic/natural products so looks a million times better than their make-up one which they had a few months ago!

  2. I am so tempted too! I'm in the same boat...I have too many products :(

  3. I'll probably get it. I really need new facial wipes. Unfortunately I don't need any more cleansers or moisturisers, so I might chip in with a friend to get this bag lol

    1. That's what I'm thinking of doing too!

  4. I did some damage today and purchased! Naughty me, as I probably don't need anymore skin care either! I'm surprised they're allowing us to do it online now! How exciting... too easy to spend though :P

  5. It's quite annoying that you have to spend $60+ on skincare to get.. skincare.
    I'll probably still get it though!

  6. I love that it was available online also.. I'll pass on this one. Hopefully the next time they have a cosmetic or general goodie bag, it'll be available for online shoppers too, there's no Priceline anywhere near me :)

  7. I totally caved today! The bag itself is really sturdy and a great casual day bag, which was a pleasant surprise. And is was SO heavy! Such great value! :)


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