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May 2013 Lust Have It box

June 6, 2013

It's May Lust Have It time! ...if you're thinking, "wait, it's not May," you're right! it's the 6th of June and I haven't been slack with posting this, I did in fact just get my May LHI box today.  I did just resubscribe for another 12 months in April, so maybe there was a glitch in starting the new annual subscription. I contacted LHI after everyone was receiving their boxes and I hadn't even received a notification email saying that mine had been shipped, and they replied saying that it was on it's way so I should wait a few more days. After around another week, I started writing tweets like "hopefully I get my May LHI box today" etc, and after seeing my tweets, they did contact me again saying that they apologise that my box was lost and that they would send me out a new box. Even though it's a bit of a pain getting my box weeks after other people, I did finally get my box which is all that matters in the end, and the customer service at LHI were really great through it all!

They also included this really nice note and two extra products to make up for the lateness...

So onto the box...

So there are three full size products in this box: a coloured lip gloss, a body lotion and a pawpaw ointment all adding up to a value of $43.90. There is also a couple of shampoo and conditioner samples from Tigi and a serum sample.

The extra products that I received was a mask by Ocean Essence and a kabuki brush by Lust Have It. I am planning on trying the mask tonight so I will let you know how I go, and I already have one of these brushes from a previous box, but I love this brush - it is perfect for applying powder, and I use my other one pretty much every day!

Onto the box products:

Seacret Body Lotion - full size: I know some people may think that this is a boring product, but I know that my Mum swears by this brand! Short story - my Mum used to have this really bad rash down her leg that was there for years and years, and she had seen doctors and skin specialists and no matter what she was prescribed, nothing cleared it up completely. She just gave up and decided that she will have to live with this rash on her leg. After another couple of years, she started using a Seacret hand cream, and if she had any excess on her hands she applied the rest to her legs. After a few weeks she noticed that the rash started getting better, and so she started applying the hand cream to her legs every day... and after a few months her rash was completely gone and it has not come back since! So I don't know what it is about this brand, but the hand cream managed to do what a strong steroid creams couldn't. Even though I would like to use this body lotion, I think I might give it to my Mum.

Nude By Nature Papaw Ointment - full size: This is the most disappointing part of the box in my opinion, not because I don't like Papaw Ointment, but because I got a big tub of this same ointment in the April LHI box (see post here). I know that sometimes beauty subscription boxes do double up on sending products out, so it happens. The boyfriend is more than happy to take this tube, so it won't go to waste.

The Natural Source Camoflage Colour Lipgloss - full size: It is a little cheeky of LHI to put two lip gloss products in one box... it doesn't give much variety. Nevertheless,  I really love the shade I was given (see swatch below) and I am quite impressed with the colour pay off of this gloss.

Tigi Bed Head shampoo and conditioner samples in Recharge (for dull and lifeless hair) and Elasticate (for strengthening) - 10ml sachets of each: Even though I am starting to overflow with shampoo and conditioner samples, I am happy that they gave two sets of samples because I do like being able to try out more of the range and then deciding which one works best for me.

Paula's Choice Resist Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum - 7ml sample: This is a really expensive serum, and this sample alone is worth around $13! I love serums, and this is a great sample size... after using this up you will know for sure whether it works for you. I haven't tried Paula's Choice, but I have started hearing good things about it online so I am very curious to try it!

Overall this isn't the best box, but it's not too bad. I am a little disappointed that it's the second time I received this papaw ointment... and after reading other peoples reviews, I was hoping to get some of the mini OPI nail polishes that a lot of other people received. Other than that, I am happy with the rest of the products, and I have been really happy with the LHI customer service!

If you are interested in joining up to Lust Have It, it is $19.95 per month but you can use the discount code "KITSCH" for $5 off your first box! For more info, check out the Lust Have It website. Also in June they are giving away a ring valued at $1000 to a random subscriber... so if you are going to sign up, do it now!


  1. That was so nice of them to give you two extra products! x

  2. It's nice that they included an apology!
    It's an alright box but I wish Australian beauty services would step it up a bit to match the US ones.

  3. I had a box go missing last year. Jo from their customer service team ended up sending me two replacement boxes. I was so impressed with their customer service!

  4. That was nice of them to include freebies, but might have added something that's wasn't already given away (the brush)

  5. Your blog is so nice♥
    Instagram @aimerose

  6. Love my Kabuki brush so would love a spare.. I wonder when my box will go missing long enough for them to throw one in ;)


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