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Bobbi Brown Lilac Sparkle Eye Shadow - review and swatches

June 4, 2013

I am finally getting around to reviewing some products that I bought in Japan! (see my haul post here) I will start by reviewing the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow in the shade Lilac.

I bought this eyeshadow because whenever I swatched it I was mesmerism by the colour! I probably saw this on three separate occasions, and each time I couldn't walk past it without swatching it, and I finally realised that I had to buy it! This costs $44 in Australia, but was around $32-33 in Japan. This is from the Lilac Rose collection that Bobbi Brown has brought out for Spring.

Bobbi Brown Lilac Rose Collection

It is a sparkle shadow, so don't expect a matte finish! This is definitely sparkly, but it isn't one of those shadows that's full of glitter and has a lot of fall out, this is pretty smooth to apply for a sparkly shadow and there are no fall out issues. It is a really pretty lilac shade, and in real life it catches the light better than what the photos show, and shines a lot more pink toned. This is one of those shadows that doesn't have a base colour so it almost looks clear until it catches the light and it gives a really pretty iridescent lilac shimmer. Since it is just a shimmer, it isn't a super pigmented shadow, so I wouldn't necessarily use this on it's own, it is more a shadow that you can use to add dimension to your eye makeup.

l: without primer, r: with primer

This might not seem like an everyday shade, but I bought this to mainly add to my inner corner as a highlight. You could also use this as a wash of shimmer over a nude eye... or of course you could apply it over a darker cream product for a shimmery purple evening look. This is not a product that I normally find myself buying, but I am glad that I did because it is a bit of fun, and its a great way to add a hint of colour to my normally boring nude eye looks.

See some of my day time eye looks using this shadow below:

Instagram photo from a week or so ago
Today's makeup

Thanks for reading! Also for my Aussie followers, don't forget to enter my Clarisonic giveaway!


  1. I lah-lah-lah-love this eyeshadow color! I bought the Ballet Slippers one after debating for a week on wether I wanted to get and then this one came out the day I bought mine. It's such a gorgeous color and I'm such a fan of the blue/purple sparkly tinge. Looks wonderful on your eyes!

    1. How pretty is it! I will have to check out Ballet Slippers too!

  2. It makes for such a beautiful iridescent highlight!! Oh wow, that'd be awesome over a blue or black too!

  3. This looks great on your eyes!
    Got a good deal in China buying it :)

    Charlotte xx


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