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Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal liners in 006 Deep Blue and 003 Brown

May 7, 2013

During the Priceline 40% off sale (see my haul here), I bought these two Rimmel Scandaleyes liners. I love these things, I already have a black, a bronze, a taupe and a nude... and when I saw that there was a darker brown and a dark blue, I had to get them! I love brown liner and I like the concept of blue liner, but I need quite dark shades to be able to use them on my upper lash line. I thought that the only brown they had was the bronze, and the only blues they had were the baby blue and the electric blue shades, but I guess they brought out new (more wearable) shades. I bought these on sale for under $6 but they are usually $9.95.

Deep Blue one swipe and bold swatch, Brown one swipe and bold swatch

Deep Blue: So the Deep Blue is a matte shade, that almost has some black in it which gives a navy appearance. I really like this shade, but I was surprised to see that this wasn't as pigmented and creamy as all the other shades I have from this range. This does need some building up to make a really solid colour, and even though it easily applies to the waterline, it does look quite sheer, which takes away from the point of this dark shade.

Brown: This is a more successful shade, it is really creamy and is a nice rich chocolatey shade with some shimmer. You can see from the swatches above that this is bold and pigmented in one swipe. I decided to compare this with the Bronze shade below.

I bought the Bronze shade at the start of the year, and although I use it frequently on my waterline, it is a little too light for me to use on the upper lash line. I was really curious to see how Bronze and Brown compares.

Brown and Bronze swatched

From the swatches above, you can see that Brown is much darker and less shimmery than Bronze, and Bronze looks more gold toned. Brown is definitely more of a wearable liner if you are used to darker shades like black and dark brown. I like both of these shades, and they are different enough for me to need both!

Overall, I really like Brown, but sadly Deep Blue isn't as successful. I won't give up on Deep Blue, I will keep trying to use it but it isn't as creamy and pigmented as the other shades I have of these liners.


  1. Brown and Bronze look amazing <3

  2. Both of these shades are lovely! Love how rich the blue shade is and the warm shimmer of the brown! I can see how the Brown shade is a clear winner :)

  3. I like the bronze shade the most, it looks a little darker than my Australis one!

  4. I've been umming and ahhing over these. If only I didn't already have such a glut of eyeliners I'd jump at them!


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