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April 2013 Empties

May 1, 2013

I always have so many empties, yet my cupboards are overflowing with makeup and skincare... how does that work?

I did a video on this months empties.. see it here:

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Travel Towelettes: I loved these! This was a travel 10 pack, and I really liked having them in my handbag. These smell like cucumber (which I love) and they work really well without making your skin feel really dry. Even though these aren't super cheap (10 pack is $3.99 and 30 pack is $9.99), I would definitely buy these for my bag again, and a bigger pack for my bathroom/traveling. Repurchase - Yes!

Priceline Round Cotton Pads: Blerg, I buy these all the time, so yes I would repurchase them... and I already have. Repurchase - Already have

Suigo Ultimate Control Shampoo and Conditioner travel sizes: I loved these, these 60ml samples lasted me a good 3 weeks, and they made my hair feel really amazing. I bought the full size versions online, and I can't wait for them to arrive. Repurchase - Yes

One Skin System Daily Hydrate: I bought this as part of a deal where you buy the cleanser and get the moisturiser free. I really did enjoy this moisturiser, mainly because it smells nice (it had a fresh lemon scent with an after scent of pepper, which was actually really refreshing) and it did also feel really nice and light weight. I did however struggled to fit this in my skincare routine because its too light for a night moisturiser, but it doesn't contain SPF for a day moisturiser. I would love to have this again, but I don't think I would fork out the $69 for a moisturiser that doesn't fit well with my skincare routine. I may consider buying a pack that contains this moisturiser in the future (because the packs are cheaper), but I won't run out to buy it. Repurchase - Possibly

Biore Triple Action Toner: If I were to sum this toner up, I would say "this is a toner". It isn't anything special, but it does the job. This is targeted at oily skin so isn't alcohol free, but it is cheap and it's ok. I would consider buying this again if I was after a cheap toner, but it's not a rave product (but what toner is!?). Repurchase - Possibly

Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Body Soap: I bought this from Kit Cosmetics for $12.95 and it's designed to clear up your skin. I bought this in Summer where sometimes my skin can have the occasional break out because of humidity and sweatiness. This does help clear up the skin, but I never really used it consistently - I mainly only used this here and there after a gym session or something like that. I don't know if I would recommend this as a holy grail body wash, but I would definitely buy it again if I wanted to really clarify my skin, it also smells really nice like a light fruity scent. Repurchase - Yes, but not right now

Colgate Optic White: I think this is my second tube, and I know I have a backup. I don't know if this whitens my teeth, mainly because I have braces and its hard to see... but I think it makes my teeth feel really clean and I think it has made my boyfriends teeth whiter. This isn't cheap (around $10 for a big tube), but I stocked up when they were on sale for around $7. Repurchase - Yes

Nivea Energy Fresh Anti-Persipirant Deodorant: I got this from a random gift bag from a chemist and even though I didn't really think much of the deodorant itself, I did find this really handy to have in my handbag. I would repurchase travel size spray deodorants, but I wouldn't necessarily run out to buy this exact one. Repurchase - Meh, maybe

Palmolive Body Butter Luscious Mango Moisturising Body Wash: I didn't expect to like this (I don't know why), but it was actually really nice. It smelt like a mango smoothly and it was just really nice. I hated the hard plastic of the sample size because it was hard to squeeze the product out, but I would definitely consider buying a full size in the future when I run out of body wash (which will probably take me a year). Repurchase - Yes

Dove Minimising 24h Anti-Perspirant Deodorant in Wild Rose: I bought this, along with a bunch of other Dove roll ons, from Priceline when they were on sale for $1 each. This claims to reduce the prickly feel between shaves, but since I don't get a prickly feeling then I would be a bad judge as to whether this worked or not. I did like the scent, this one had a nice soft moisturiser scent, but it wasn't anything special... but I haven't come across any great roll ons ever. If you have any recommendations for a good roll on, please leave a comment below! Repurchase - Maybe

Model Co Lip Duo in Nude lipstick and Watermelon lip gloss: I am throwing this out because it is rubbish. I got this in the April Her Fashion Box and it is just a cheap lipstick and a gloss that doesn't have much colour to them. In addition to that, the lipstick became loose and the packaging is bad. I am not a fan of Model Co in general, it is way overpriced. Repurchase - Hell no!

Carmex Moisture Plus pink tinted gloss: I loved this stuff, it was a really thin feeling, but hydrating lip balm, and it did have a really nice pink tint. Whenever I put this on at work I would get people commenting on how nice it smells. This isn't cheap, its like $5-$6 and it contains the smallest amount of product, but if you like a good quality balm with a nice pink tint and a vanilla scent, then try this! Repurchase: Yes

Model Co Fibre Lashxtend Ectreme Black Lengthening Mascara: I am throwing this out because it is is far too dry and does nothing! This is a fibre mascara, so it contains particles that are supposed to lengthen your lashes, this doesn't do that! I probably wore this three times before I gave up on it, and it has been sitting my my drawer ever since. This was way to dry from the get go and is way too overpriced (I think it claims to be $39 or something stupid!). Repurchase - Hell no!

Saucebox Mascara: Now here is a good mascara! I got this with a Saucebox palette and I have been really enjoying using it. It is a plastic spikey wand thing and it really separates the lashes but also adds volume and length. I have another one of these, which makes me happy! See my review here. Repurchase - Yes

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil in # EP01 Light Brown: This is a joke! I bought this online and I didn't expect Light Brown to mean baby poo brown... it is far too orange toned and it would make 99.9% of people look like a joke. Throwing this out because I will never use it! I can' swatch it because I have already thrown it out, but the colour is the same as its lid. Repurchase - Hell no!

Bourjois Healthy Balance Unifying Powder in 53 Light Beige: I really like this powder, it is nicely pigmented but it does apply darker than it looks in the pan, so get a shade lighter than what you think would match you. I have repurchased this but in a lighter shade. Oh and a quick tip: once you figure out your shade, you can buy this for about $6 cheaper on ASOS than in Priceline. See my review here. Repurchase - Yes, already have.

Lush Chilli Tingle Lip Tint: I just didn't like this, it was a chunky lip gloss tint thing that was a pretty colour but it didn't work all that well and I never used it. It sat in my cupboard and I have decided to throw it out finally! Repuchase - No

Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant: I love Kosmea, but I didn't like this... it is more of a chunky cream cleanser that smells bad, rather than an exfoliant! This isn't for me, but try Kosmeas Rosehip Oil! Repurchase - No

Woolworths Select Moisturising Nail Polish Remover: This does the job! I would repurchase this because I am never fussy about nail polish remover. Repurchase - Yes

Jurlique Replenishing Cleansing Lotion: This wasn't my thing. Its a thin cream cleanser that has a soft floral scent. I'm sure this would be good on sensitive skin, but it wasn't for me. Repurchase - No

So thats all my rubbish! These are always so long, maybe I will have to start cutting out the deodorants and makeup remover pads etc.


  1. Love the videos in your posts Kat! :) keep up the good work xoxo

  2. Nice job with the empties Kat! I think I will look into that Mario B body wash, sounds pretty awesome.

  3. Great post :) you got through a lot of stuff!

  4. Seeing the empties post compels me to use all my products regularly so i don't feel so guilty :D. I don't own that much stuff but still i feel that once i buy things my love for them fades away and they lay in my cupboard unloved :(

    1. I do that with hair products, but I eventually get around to skincare products

  5. You've got quite a bit of empties! Nice!

  6. So many empties! I never do empties posts because I'd be lucky to have 3 each month. *Too much makeup* ;) Those Yes to Cucumbers cleansing wipes sound nice (I've used the Yes to Tomatoes ones and really like them) and I like the sounds of that Bourjois powder! xo

  7. Wow Kat so many empties!!! I think I probably have 1 or 2 empties a month but i always forget to save them for a post. Great job at finishing so many products!

  8. I love that Biore toner, but I think the one from the Seaweed line at The Body Shop is better. My holy grail body wash is the Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Body Soap

  9. Wow you sure finished up a lot! :)
    Great post.

  10. Comprehensive post - I enjoyed reading every bit!



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