Suigo Sale!

April 24, 2013

Heads up! If you read my blog, you will know that I love the Suigo range of shampoos and conditioners. My friend messaged me today telling my that they are having a sale of Suigo products on OZSale. I just ordered a larger Ultimate Hair Care Pack containing a 680ml shampoo and conditioner and a 500ml treatment, and I bought a smaller Vital Nutrition Hair Care Pack (not pictured) which contains a 260ml shampoo and conditioner and a 100ml treatment. I think I have stocked up on shampoo and conditioner for a year! I honestly believe this range is better then Redken!

Check it out in the beauty section of the OZSale website.


  1. I'm contemplating buying some but I really shouldn't haha need to get through my stupid amount of stashed away bottles!

    1. Haha I totally understand. Strangely I dont have a stash of shampoo and conditioner... skin care and soap yes, but I am on my last bottle of shampoo and conditioner so I went to town!


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