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Suigo Ultimate Control hair samples

April 2, 2013

This is a bit of a random post, and I rarely feature samples, but I'll make an exception. These samples of this shampoo and conditioner were given out in some of the March Bellabox's, and of course I missed out on the good box - I didn't get the lipstick, the mascara or these shampoo and conditioner samples... aaanyway I was contacted by Joe from Suigo, who read my review of my box and offered to send out some samples because I missed out (aww how very sweet), and of course I said yes. So I was lucky enough to receive the shampoo and conditioner samples (60ml each) and I also was lucky enough to score a sample of the treatment (100ml) and an awesome looking honey soap.

These are really good sized samples, and I have been using them all week, and have been loving them! The shampoo and conditioner say that it is suited for weak hair and is designed to strengthen, nourish, add fullness to hair. I have pretty fine and dull hair and I have found that this shampoo and conditioner has made my hair super soft and I keep touching my hair after I have used these. You know when you get your hair done at a salon and you have that really nice salon feel to your hair? Thats what these feel like! I also really like the scent, it is slightly fruity but once again smells like salon products.

You can buy these shampoo and conditioners in a 260ml size (for $22.50), 680ml ($31.50) and 1litre ($38.00). I love that these come in three sizes, and I am definitely thinking of getting these in the 680ml versions. The shows that these are only available in salons in NSW at the moment, so I will need to find out where to get these online! The only place that I know that sells this is the Bellabox website.

These also come in a Nutritive range, a Derma range and an Arts Styling range

I have only used the treatment twice, but again this is a huge tub for a sample and I will get quite a few uses out of it. I don't really get the directions - to massage into your hair and to heat for 20-30min? But I put this in when I am having a bath and will keep it in for 10-15 min and it makes my hair really nice and soft. The full 500ml size retails for $39.95.

These have been probably some of the nicest hair products that I have used for a long time, and I won't hesitate to buy the full sizes. I am really pleased that I got to try these samples, because otherwise I would never have known about this brand. I also like that the shampoos and conditioners come in three sizes and are pretty affordable for salon quality products... I personally think these are better than brands like Redken, and they are cheaper!

Did you get these in your Bellabox last month? What did you think of them?

Man this month has flown by! I will need to get my March favourites up asap!


  1. I didn't receive any of the shampoo/conditioner in my box either, they sound great. I am a big fan of Redken so it interests me you think these are better. I hope they sample them again sometime as I am reluctant to spend that kind of money without a sample first.

  2. You could always apply heat, by heating up a towel (wet or dry) in the dryer and apply over the mask. A lot of salons apply a hot wet towel onto your hair when you get a treatment mask.

    The mask and honey looks great!!!

  3. These look awesome, I love that the mask comes in a tub so you can use up the entire thing. When I use hair masks I usually blast it for a couple of minutes with a hair dryer, but 20 - 30 minutes might be a bit much :p

  4. So lucky of you to receive an extra two samples! I haven't used the samples from my Bellabox yet but I'm interested after reading this as my hair is in such poor condition right now.

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  5. Hey darl,

    These products look really interesting and I always trust your reviews to be honest!
    Could you please tell me if there are any sulphates or parabens in any of the products you mentioned?

    Thanks :)
    Paris x

  6. I was lucky enough to have gotten the shampoo and conditioner samples in last month's Bellabox and I loved them~!! Definitely going to buy that full size and I'm glad to hear that they come in 3 sizes~ hopefully they can be purchased online~ >.<

    The hair treatment looks pretty interesting~ 100ml?! Lucky you~!!! ^^

    Tali x


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