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Stila Sun SPF 15 Bronzing Powder in Shade 01 - Swatches, review and comparison

April 8, 2013

I have had this bronzer sitting in a cupboard for a while, waiting to get around to reviewing it. I got this as a free gift with a strawberrynet order, and I was really excited to give it a go because I love the Stila self adjusting blush in pink. This comes in Shade 01 and 02, and you can buy these in Australia at Mecca Cosmetica for $45... which is a ridiculous price! I suggest you check it out at where they are on sale for $22 at the moment, or which sell them for just under $25, and both sites have free shipping. This bronzer contains 8g of product, and is interestingly SPF 15.

I really like the packaging, the box is simple and made of brown cardboard, and the compact has a bronze metallic finish which not only screams "this is a bronzer", but it stands out in your makeup collection or handbag. The compact is well, very compact, there is definitely no added bulk and it also contains a good sized mirror.

The product itself is a very soft and finely milled powder, with the slightest amount of shimmer that you can only really see in the pan, but the product applies very matte. The powder is very pigmented, but applies quite sheerly, which isn't a bad thing for a bronzer, and means that you can be quite heavy handed without looking ridiculous. This is a pretty light bronzer, so it won't work well for people who are tanned or darker (try shade 02), but this is perfect for people with pale skin who want a little more colour. This is also a very orange toned bronzer, so it doesn't work as a contour, even though it is matte. This works most successfully when you use a large powder brush to apply it all over face and neck bronzer just to add a bit of colour.

Stila Bronzing Powder Shade 01, MAC Blush in Harmony, NYX Blush in Taupe
I thought I would do a quick comparison with other popular contour shades: MAC's Harmony Blush and NYX Taupe Blush. You can see that the Stila bronzer is lighter and more orange toned than MAC's Harmony, but I think that Stila bronzer is more pigmented. If you don't mind contouring with MAC's Harmony, then you may get away with using this Stila bronzer as a contour shade, but I find Harmony is a little too orange for me unless I am quite tanned. I won't even bother comparing the Stila bronzer with the NYX Taupe blush because they are very different! However I will mention that the Stila bronzer is a smoother powder, and is much easier to apply than Taupe.

Overall, I am quite happy with this bronzer, it will be my new all over bronzer for days where I need a bit more colour. 

Have you tried this bronzer? Whats your favourite Stila product?


  1. This bronzer looks good.. i'm still searching for a good matte bronzer.. Some of bronzer have shimmer, and I'm not really like it :(

  2. This bronzer sounds quite lovely, I'd probably go for shade 02 though as I'm pretty tanned. The packaging itself makes me want to buy it! Haha

  3. I adore Stila products and this bronzer looks lovely!
    I would probably need a darker shade though...

    Sharleena xx

  4. Have this and really like it, more than I expected to. Though I agree it is quite orange, however I find it works well for my skin tone :)

  5. my fav stila product at the moment is the HD beauty balm. it's beautiful and smooth.
    and how very ridiculous is the difference between the prices online and in mecca?! wow!


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