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MOR Cucumber and Casaba hand cream and candle pack

April 15, 2013

I am not a fan of spending a lot of money on candles and hand cream, maybe I will start buying more when I'm no longer a student, but I had to make an exception last week when I found this MOR pack. I was at Myer with a friend and she told me that she bought a really nice smelling MOR soap, so of course I wanted to smell it. The scent was Cucumber and Casaba, and holy shit it was amazing! I loved it so much that I needed to splurge on this MOR pack which contains a hand cream and a candle. I would have bought the soap too, but I literally have about half a dozen Lush soaps from Boxing Day sales. This pack was $40, which is more than what I would spend on a small candle and a hand cream that I don't need, but the the candle on it's own costs $40, so essentially the hand cream is a bonus. If I hadn't abused my bank account with so much shopping in the last fortnight, I would have been tempted to buy two of these packs!

These packs, and others, are being sold at Myer and David Jones, and they come in three different scents. These scents are from an old collection, so once these packs are gone, they won't be available anymore. I so hope they bring this scent back!

The packaging is really pretty, the products are in a white box with pink, green, gold and cream wallpaper pattern on the side. Each scent has a different pattern so its easy to find the scent you like.

The scent of the candle and the hand cream is amazing, it is a fresh cucumber scent but has the sweetness of melon (casaba) which works amazingly with the cucumber.  I wish this scent was available all year round, because I want my whole house to smell like this!

This is what the candle and hand cream looks like. I am going to really ration these products, because I want them to last as long as possible. The candle has a really strong scent (I haven't burnt it yet) and I am going to be keeping these next to my bed so my bedroom starts to smell like this candle.

If anyone from MOR is reading this, please bring this scent back soon! Also if you have any left overs from this scent, I will take them!!!

Have you ever come across a product that is your perfect scent? What was it?


  1. I adore MOR products. Marshmallow, Candied Vanilla Almond, Lychee flower and Snow Gardenia are my favourite scents from them.

    Even though they are a bit pricey, it's so nice to start the day with a beautiful scent.

  2. Oh MOR does make some lovely smelling products. Am yet to buy any of their candles though because I have a tiny addiction to Glasshouse Candles! My favourite Glasshouse candle has to be the Rio de janeiro one. It smells like summer (just without the heat and sunburn haha).
    Whats your favourite candle (apart from the MOR one)?
    Paris x

  3. I've never heard of MOR, sounds lovely though! & how gorgeous are the packages!love them :D xxx

  4. I have one of these MOR hand creams, I should probably use it more often except I have misplaced it at the momment haha. I really like vanilla scented creams or floral scents. x

  5. My favourite MOR scent is the Snow Gardenia one!! It's amazing. I don't really find that the hand cream really nourishes my hands though, how do you find the hand cream?

    1. I have only used it once so far... I have three more hand creams open, so I want to use up those before I start using this more :P

    2. Hahah, I just got a new L'Occitane one to add to my collection. Now I just feel like a hoarder.

    3. L'Occitane ones are really nice!


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