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Matte attack and mini haul - e.l.f. Matte Finisher Nail Polish

April 10, 2013

I ordered a few items from the Lipstick Republic sale yesterday, and they arrived today! I ordered two OCC pigments (on sale for $11.20 each), a Lime Crime lipstick (on sale for $16.80) and an e.l.f. matte nail polish (on sale for $2.80). Michelle from Lipstick Republic also threw a bonus two NYX eyeliners!

I will review the pigments and lipstick in the next few days, but I couldn't help playing with the nail polish straight away.

I never got into the whole matte nail polish craze, and I don't own any matte polishes, but I thought a matte top coat was a great idea (and you can't beat $2.80!) because it means I can start doing subtle nail designs mixing matte and shiny - for example dotting this matte polish over a shiny polish to create a cool pattern. I also liked the idea of a matte top coat because it means I can make any shade matte, instead of being stuck with a coloured matte polish that isn't very versatile.

For the demonstration below I used two coats of Sally Hansen Inta-Dri in the shade 150 Petal Pusher.


This is one coat of the e.l.f. matte top coat, and I think it does a really good job! I was quite impressed with how this turned out and I actually really like the look it gives over the nude polish... definitely a my nails but better effect. Maybe I will get more use out of this polish than I originally thought!

Update: The matte finish does wear off a bit after a day and the shine does start to come through, resulting in a more of a dull shine. I don't mind this dull shine effect too much, but it definitely isn't matte. Next time I am going to apply two coats of matte finish to see how that lasts. 

Have you tried a matte polish? What colours do you think look the best matte?


  1. This looks lovely. I have never thought about wearing it over a pale pink but now I want to. Interested to hear if the matte-effect is long-lasting because I have the chi chi matte topcoat and its pretty bad, the matte effect only lasts a day if you are lucky! I love matte top coat over glitter :)

    1. Oooh I need to try it over glitter. I am curious to see how well this lasts, I didn't know they can rub off

  2. I think the elf matte does a great job, would love to try it with a glitter!

    Sharleena xx

  3. Might decide to order this topcoat as well! I've been waiting to purchase the OPI matte topcoat but it's a bit pricey but this elf one is so cheap!


  4. I have never tried a matte finish and had no idea elf had one. Thanks so much for the review - for their prices I'm definitly going to add this to my cart next time :) the nude looks awesome matted.

  5. I made an order when them too, on Tuesday evening, but the Aus Post tracking says it still hasn't left the post office to be sent to me D:
    I'd love to see which Lime Crime lippie you picked up!

    I actually love matte nail polish these days (although I used to be the same and not get the hype)


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