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Illamasqua Powder Eye Shadows - Justify, Tango, Wolf

April 22, 2013

I had an Illamasqua splurge over Easter when the Illamasqua website were having selected items on sale for £8 (approx $11.80). I ended up buying three eye shadows, one lipstick, a pigment on sale, and a cream blush that I have been lusting after for a while. This is a review of the eye shadows that I bought.

Being Illamasqua, most of the items that were on sale were crazy bright shades, but they managed to include three wearable eye shadow shades, and I snapped them up! The three shades I got were Justify (matte mid toned taupe), Tango (shimmery copper), and Wolf (matte dark warm brown).

I like the packaging of these, they are very sturdy and are very typically Illamasqua, but I thought I would point out that these aren't ideal for depotting and putting in most palettes, since they aren't a conventional eyeshadow shape. 

Left to right: Justify, Tango, Wolf

Justify: Holy crap I adore this shade! It is a mid toned taupe and it is so soft and smooth, is super dooper pigmented, and applies like a dream with no fallout! This is also the perfect crease colour as it is a really neutral taupe shade. I also like mixing this with a darker brown to create the perfect eyebrow shade. I will get a lot of use out of this shade!

Tango: This is my new baby! It is the perfect coppery red shade and is wearable for daily use, but can be used as a statement shade as well. What I love about this eye shadow is that it transfers so beautifully onto the lid, there is no need to load up the brush and to pack this shadow on because the colour pay off is a dream. The first time I wore this at work, I got three compliments on my makeup... so that says how good this shade is. It would also look stunning on blue eyes because of the red undertones. This is like a mix of a bronze and cranberry from MAC. Just a quick comparison below with MAC's Romp and Cranberry.

MAC Romp, Illamasqua Tango, MAC Cranberry

Wolf: This is a pretty standard dark matte chocolate brown that is a staple in any makeup collection. Admittedly, this isn't as pigmented as the other two shades, but it does apply nicely, and doesn't create any fallout. Even though I would like the pigmentation to be slightly stronger, this does actually work quite well the way it is, because I mainly just use this in the outer corner of my eye, and I like to start sheer and build the colour up, instead of whacking a bold chunk of brown and having to make it work. This shade works really well with Justify in the crease, where I start with Justify and then add Wolf for more depth. I also use this as an eyebrow powder.

Overall, I was guilty spending so much money on eye shadows that I don't need, but these have been a pleasure to use, and I have frequently been reaching for all three of these shades to make a complete eye look.

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  1. These shades are stunning! I especially love the look of Justify :o

    I'm going to have to do an order soon. I've never tried Illamasqua and this makes me want to try some things from the brand even more!

  2. Wow! These are stunning, especially tango. I am not a huge fan of single eyeshadows, but I may look into these!

  3. All of them at gorgeous but Tango really wowed me!

  4. I cannot stop looking at your swatches of Tango. It looks so breathtaking! I'm definitely kicking myself for not picking it up when I made my Illamasqua order!

  5. These are all so pretty! Tango is definitely my favourite of the lot!
    I haven't tried Illamasqua before, but I'm looking at getting a cream blush from them, so I can't wait to see your review on that.

  6. Oh wow....I can't wait til the day I get my hands on some Illamasqua! I love Tango, I want that one now!

  7. These look amazing, I will definitely have to check these out sometime!

  8. Wow, all three of these are gorgeous! I especially like Tango- such a wearable, yet complex shade. So perfect for summer! I can see why it's your new baby :)


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