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Bellabox April 2013

April 12, 2013

Its Bellabox time! If you don't know about Bellabox, it is a monthly subscription box in Australia and it costs $15 per month. Sign up here if you are interested in joining.

This month is all about innovative beauty, and I am pretty excited about what is in the box this month because I love trying new innovative products.

My Bellabox opening video!

So Bellabox has introduced a new way to buy the products that you receive in the box. Some of these items now have codes that you can text or email to Bellabox and then they will send you a link to the check out page.

Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel - 7g sample: This is supposedly a cult product, it's a mask that contains negatively charged molecules that draws out bacteria and impurities. I have never heard of this brand or a mask like this, and it is bloody expensive ($69 for 60g), so I definitely am interested in seeing what its like!

Indio Facial Scrub - 10ml sample: This is a luxe product, and boy is it luxe! This icosts $56 for a 50ml tube, which means that this sample alone is worth over $10! I love scrubs, and I have never tried such an expensive scrub, so hopefully I love it! I love sampling expenisve products, because I would never have tried this product if it weren't for Bellabox.

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colour in the shade 904 Kinetic Copper - full size: This is the only full size product in the box, and I am really excited to see it. It is a magnetic nail polish, and I have been wanting to try these for a while now. Normally copper isn't my type of shade, but it is perfect for Autumn. This retails for $16.95

Avene Micellar Lotion 3 in 1 - 25ml sample: This is a cleaner, toner and makeup remover in one... I think this is Avenes version of Bioderma. I am happy to give this a go!

Cedel Dry Conditioner - 30g sample: We have all heard of dry shampoo, but have you heard of dry conditioner? This is a foam that you spray into your hand and then work it into your hair. This would be great to use after dry shampoo, and would be perfect for people who don't like using dry shampoo because it leaves your hair too dry.

Lash Card - 2 card sample pack: These are cards that are designed to help mascara application. I have heard of these, and have never tried them. I am curious if they make a big difference to the application of my mascara. I will save these for a special occasion, because it is annoying when you have elaborate eye shadow on and you get mascara dots on it.

Proplenish Marine Collagen Sachets - Pack of 3: This is a really interesting concept, it is a sachet that you dissolve in water and you drink to help strengthen your skin. It is recommended that you use one a day to maintain healthy skin, but you can increase the dosage if you want to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Interesting!

Overall, I think this is a really interesting box! I will use every item in this months box, and there is nothing here that I haven't already tried. I love the additions of innovative and luxe samples, I think that's what these subscription boxes are all about.

If you got something else in your Bellabox this month, let me know what you got and what you think of the products.

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  1. Interesting box indeed, but I think i've received enough dried hair products from these boxes.I wonder what the collagen drink tastes like.

  2. Looks like a good box. very interesting products to try. Now to wait & see what I get :)

  3. This is an interesting box. The nail colour is lovely.
    The collagen drink is an interesting concept, it's a bit annoying that 3 sachets probably isn't enough to tell if the product works or not.

  4. This months box looks like an improvement but I already unsubscribed! I think the lash cards are kind of a stupid idea though... You can basically use any card to help apply mascara.

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    1. Yeah, I might use them when I am doing a fancy eye look and I don't want to stuff it up... but I can't imagine using them often!

  5. Still not regretting my decision to unsub from Bellabox. Nothing in this box really wowed me, although there are some interesting things in there like the dry conditioner and collagen sachets.

  6. I must be the only one who has still never had a box subscription, but so far I have resisted the temptation, although it is always so big, as I really should use up some of all the products I already have!

  7. I am going to put all my boxes this month next to each other and decide which are the best for me . BellaBox . Lust Have it , Native Box ( 1st one ) and notox box actually seeing as Native box is my 1st one I might wait until May but I am just having trouble seeing Bellabox fitting in anymore , it just seems for younger members now (feeling like an old croaker LO )

    1. I am liking how lust have it have increased the price and quality of their boxes, I think thats tempting me the most now. I know how you feel, I feel old when I get sparkly eyeliner etc :P

  8. Dry conditioner intrigues me.. I often use dry shampoo when I haven't been able to wash my hair, so I'm thinking dry conditioner would exacerbate the greasiness?
    Looks like a good box

  9. My mum lives in Australia, and after loving samplebox NZ I thought I would gift her a similar Australian box for her birthday. Would you recommend Bella box over any other box that you have seen? Thanks!

    1. Bellabox or Lust Have It for sure! They are both pretty good and offer similar things. Click on the bellabox and Lust Have It box labels in my side bar to see past boxes and decide which you like the look of!


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