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*** CLOSED *** Review and Giveaway! AYA Cosmetics 'Bare Basics' Lipstick Collection

March 19, 2013

I have a review and a giveaway today (yay!) from a new up and coming Australian brand named AYA Cosmetics. I was contacted by Elizabeth to trial their lipsticks (how could I say no?!) and they were also lovely enough to add in a couple to giveaway. More about the giveaway at the end of the review!

On a quick side note, does anyone else pronounce the name as Arya... as in Arya Stark? No? Just me?

Back to the review!

So this is the 'Bare Basics' collection, which are moisturising mineral lipsticks that are vegan, naturally scented, lead free, cruelty free. They also packaged with all recyclable materials. This collection is the first of three collections that will be released this year. 

You can find out more information at:

You can purchase the lipsticks at the website above or from the following eBay sellers:
Alwaysyouthful (for Australian sales)
Dusk to Dawn Beauty LLC (International sales)

These retail in Australia for $16.95 each.

Starting with the packaging... I really like the idea of using recycled cardboard as packaging, and I also like the bold graphic design. You might be wondering whether cardboard is sturdy enough for lipstick packaging, but it actually works really well and is very different from what you usually get. Don't worry, the part that contains the lipstick is still made of metal and plastic, but using cardboard on the outside is also a lot more environmentally friendly than using all plastic. My only recommendation is to keep this away from water :P

I was also happy to see that the ingredients list looks like a list of ingredients for a recipe, it's full of waxes and oils instead of chemicals. This lipstick does have a soft scent that you can only detect if you give the lipstick a strong sniff, and the scent is a soft fruity oil type smell.

Swatches without flash: Naturally Nude, In The Buff, Just Peachy, Particular Pink
Swatches with flash: Naturally Nude, In The Buff, Just Peachy, Particular Pink
Lets all ooh and aah at how gorgeous these shades are! They are so appropriate for the nude and pastel trend that's happening at the moment. All of these have a sheen, without being too shiny, and they give the lips a your lips but better look and texture. The shades can be applies sheerly, or can be built up to the colours that you can see in the swatches, but I find that these work better if you do don't build them up too much. In the swatches below I applied about two swipes of each shade and then I tapped it in with my lips to blend in the colour, I will explain why I think this method works the best later on in this post.

Naturally Nude

You can see that the lightest shade is the Naturally Nude, which is a very light apricot toned nude shade. This is one of those shades that when applied heavily, it can look like you have applied concealer on your lips. I know that some people adore light lip shades, but they don't really suit me, so I find this shade more appealing when you do apply it lightly to the lips. If you are very fair and find normal nudes too dark, then try this!

In The Buff

*Drools* I have just found the perfect nude shade and it is called In The Buff. It is the prettiest pink toned nude that just makes me happy! This is definitely a my lips but 100 times better shade. It is also one of the creamier shades of the range. Love love love! When I first tried this shade, I had to share it on instagram:

Just Peachy

If you love coral shades and want something that you can wear on a daily basis for a pop of colour, then Just Peachy is for you! I also love this shade, it is a bright mid toned peachy-pink, and I can imaging this looking good on everyone!

Particular Pink

Last but not least is Particular Pink. I love this blue toned light pink shade, it is definitely a little more daring than the other shades, but I have been wearing this all weekend because it is such a fun shade. This is the driest formula of the four, so you will have to remember to apply a balm under this one.

These are knockout shades, and I have been playing with these lipsticks all weekend, and I thought there were a few things I should mention. Firstly, I didn't find these to be the most moisturising lipsticks, even though they do contain a lot of oils and ingredients that are designed to moisturise, I found that after a day of applying and reapplying these, my lips were craving a balm... mind you, I never apply and reapply lipsticks all day, generally I might apply a lipstick when I am leaving the house, so this might be normal for long repeated wear of lipstick in general.

Secondly, I have noticed that there are good ways to apply these and there are bad ways to apply them, and depending on how you apply them they can be amazing or they can be difficult to get along with. I noticed that if you apply too many coats, they can start to look a little cakey, so I think you get the best effect if you apply 2-3 swipes on your lips. Also, and this one is the most important in my opinion, once you apply these don't mess about with your lips. What do I mean by that? Well I find that if you start to press your lips together too much (like you might when you are applying a lip gloss) then the colour starts to become a little patchy (see photo below). This might be a hard thing to resist for a lot of people, but I find that if you apply this straight from the tube and then tap it out with your finger to blend it in, or to apply it with a lip brush, then you won't have a problem and the finish will stay looking lovely for a few hours (talking or general movement won't create this patchy effect). So like I said before, if you apply these correctly, they will look awesome, but otherwise they can be a little patchy... but if they do go patchy, then you just need to blend it out with your finger and you'll be fine!

Since I do apply these by tapping them into my lips with my finger, I do find that this takes off some of the shine and leaves the lipstick with more of a semi-matte finish (which I think looks stunning), so you may want to apply a gloss over the top if you prefer a glossy finish.

One other thing to note is that the darker shades do stain the lips. I personally love the stain it gives, but I thought I would mention it... also please excuse the tissue remnants on my lips.

Overall I think theses lipsticks look amazing! I love the shades and the finish, and I have found my perfect nude colour. I love that these are mineral lipsticks and are cruelty free, but I find that they aren't as moisturising as claimed (especially the pink shade). Also these aren't just a lipstick that you can slap on without thinking or without using a mirror, they can look amazing but you need to play around with how they best work for you.

Giveaway time!

If you are curious about trying these lipsticks, I am having two mini giveaways where you can win a lipstick in the shade Just Peachy or In The Buff.

I have decided to make this an Australian only giveaway, mainly because this is a new Australian brand, and because I will have an international giveaway when I hit 500 followers. You need to be 18 or over to enter, and this will be open for 2 weeks from the time this is posted.

To enter you need to follow my blog on either GFC or Bloglovin, and you need to leave a comment telling me your name, email address, what shade of lipstick you want to win, and how you follow my blog. Eg "My name is Kat, my email is kitschsnitch@gmail.com, I follow you on GFC, and I would like to win In The Buff".

You can also gain up to three additional entries by following me on each of the following twitter, on YouTube, or on Instagram (one entry for each), and you can gain two additional entries by tweeting about this giveaway. If you do follow me on twitter, YouTube or Instagram, don't forget to tell me your username/s. If you tweet about this giveaway, don't forget to tag me in the tweet.

You can only enter once, good luck!


  1. These look absolutely lovely! The shades are stunning and the packaging is great. Thanks for sharing! And I'll keep my eye open for your next international giveaway :)



  2. Awesome! My name is Kylie, (smileykylie@gmail.com) I follow you on Bloglivin, I would like to win In The Buff!

  3. The shades are stunning! Especially Just Peachy and In The Buff! Oh and the packing is adorable :)

    I'm following you via GFC (dawndugong) and Instagram (dugongss). Oh and my name is dawn and my email is dawn.dugongg@hotmail.com
    I would love to win just peachy.

  4. I love these shades! Very pretty! I am following you on bloglovin: awhdarling. The color I would like is just peachy!


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  10. Ohh cruelty free and Aussie - so cool. Never heard of this brand before.
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    The packaging of these lipsticks look so pretty and they look really nice!

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  17. These look really pretty. I love the packaging & oh those colours pretty hard to choose but I'm going to go with Just Peachy :) I also love the Game of Thrones Reference Arya is one of my fav characters :)

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    Good Luck Everyone :)

  18. Vanessa Rose Palacio
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