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Quick tanning product rave: Summer Tan Dark Self Action Tan

March 23, 2013

I am not a big fake tan person, but there are definitely days when I feel like I need to add a bit of colour. For days like that, I love self tanning products that are tinted because you get an instant bronzed look. I have never invested much money on tanning products, but in the Feb Lust Have It Box, we were given this full size product of a self tanner by a brand called Summer Tan, and man this this awesome! This is $29.95 for a full size, which is not what I would usually spend on a fake tan, but this has definitely changed my opinion on higher priced tanning products.

I just wanted to quickly note that even though this is a dark shade, it does apply quite sheer, and works really well on my light skin tone... I wouldn't even mind if it were a little darker.

One arm with Summer Tan applied, and the bottom arm without

There are a few things that I love about this product, and the first one is the pump packaging. I love that you don't need to squeeze a tube when when you have hands covered in tanning lotion! Secondly I love the smell and consistency, it smells and feels like a moisturiser, and that fake tan smell only becomes a little noticeable after a few hours, but its very subtle. I love that it leaves your skin smelling like a moisturiser, instead of an overly sweet of fruity scent that is used to cover up the fan tan smell. Lastly, and most importantly, I love the colour! The colour is a green toned brown, which sounds a but strange, but it looks so natural on the skin. This doesn't look at all like you are wearing a bronzer, instead it looks like you have a natural tan. This also doesn't built up to a horrible orange shade when you apply this every few days for a week.  I would buy this product over and over again because of the shade alone. Below is a comparison with a tinted tanning product by Garnier, which looks so much more orange, shimmery, and unnatural compared to this Summer Tan product.

Garnier Amber Solaire and Simmer Tan Dark Self Action Tan

There are a few downsides to this product, but they are manageable. Firstly this almost stains your skin almost instantly, which means that if you don't wear tanning gloves (which I don't) you will have crazy brown hands pretty quickly. My recommendation is to apply this to your legs and then wash your hands, apply this to your arms and then wash your hands etc etc... or of course you can just get tanning gloves. It is worth the hassle however, because the results are amazing. My second downside to this is that I find that this doesn't last as long as other tanning products, if you want a strong tan you will need to apply this ever second day or so, instead of other tanning products that only need around two applications a week to maintain.

Overall I love this product, it gives the results that I am looking for with a fake tan - a bit more colour with a natural finish. I also love that if you want to look super tanned for a night out, you can apply this during the day and it won't leave you with that horrible fake tan smell or that orange shimmery glow. Even though I rarely use tanning products, this has highlighted the benefits of spending a little more money on a more high end product.

What do you think of high end tanning products vs more affordable tanning products?


  1. I remember I was bored one night and decided to try this. I loved the natural finish it gave my legs. Since it was my first time using fake tan and didn't know how it worked I didn't use a glove so I was left with disgustingly brown hands! :( I actually didn't like the smell of it though

    1. How bad does it leave your hands!

    2. Haha~ I did exactly the same thing~!!! XD it looked like I'd fallen over in mud and landed on my hands~ :P will definitely be using gloves if I ever decide to use this product again~~♪

  2. I haven't tried this one yet, thanks for the comparision to the horrible orange one! I don't like fake tans for that reason alone, but I think I'll be giving this one a go.. looks fantastic on your arm, so I'm game :)

  3. Hmm I've been deciding whether I want to open my bottle or not. I've been using modelco tan and it's ok. but my goodness can't believe how dark the product is out the bottle, good thing it applies sheer

  4. Ahh it looks so dark when it's not spread out, luckily it looks great on you after you've apply it though!

  5. I received this last month too but haven't worked up the guts to use it yet. After seeing the difference on your skin I might try it out now as it doesn't look as scary as I thought it would!


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