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Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow in Baby Pink

March 6, 2013

I find it really hard mustering up energy to write reviews on products that are just blah, but I have been a little slack lately and I don't know what to review next... I had these photos sitting on my desktop, so here I am.

I bought this in a mini Chemist Warehouse haul (see post here) when Chemist Warehouse was having 50% off their makeup, so this was under $2, but is usually $3.95.

This is a normal chapstick packaging, and if you are in America you would notice that these are very different from the ones that you have, and supposedly they aren't as good as the ones available in America. We don't have too many available here, there are a bunch of different scented ones, there is this baby pink one and a darker pink called Pink Blast from the same Pink Glow range, and also there is a new Love Color range that contains darker berry toned and red shades... I was going to buy one of the shades from that range, but because they were brand new the week I bought this, they weren't on sale, so I opted for this Baby Pink shade.

I like the look of this packaging, I think the pink and silver looks good together, and I like that each shade and each range have different colour combinations so you instantly know what shade you are reaching... which may be helpful if you have a few of these.

This is my first Baby Lips, but my sister loves them, I never bought any because I have so many balms and I didn't find the need to buy one unless it was something different to what I already have. That's why I bought this pink one, I thought the idea of a pink balm was a good idea, and I chose this baby pink shade because I wanted a soft pink, so I could wear it often. Sadly, this has barely any colour to it what so ever! You can see from the swatch above that it gives the skin a bit more shine, but there is not much colour. I even used quite a few coats to build up the colour, as I really wanted to get some colour on the swatch.

Lips before
Lips with Baby Lips Pink Glow Baby Pink

So you can also see that it adds a bit of shine to the lips, but it is very hard to see any extra colour on the lips. The gloss is pretty thin, feels nice on the lips, is not at all sticky, but it doesn't add any long lasting moisture, so when it wears off, so does the moisture. I do like the berry scent, it smells a little like apple and berry juice, but it is pretty strong so if you don't like berry scents then you won't like this.

Overall, this was a bit of a let down, its an ok chapstick, but I had certain expectations that weren't met. It's not a waste of money since I only spent $2, but I wish they had testers in store so I can swatch some before I decide to pay full price on another one. One good thing about this gloss is that I often find that some uncoloured balms can leave a bit of a white cast on my lips when I first apply them, but this slight pink hint does prevent that... however it is a big stretch saying that this leaves a pink glow to your lips.

Do you like Maybelline Baby Lips? Whats your favourite one?


  1. I have two, 'energizing orange' which is pretty good and 'berry crush' which is one of the new 'colour' ones here in Oz but it is a lot worse than the energizing orange one - gives me moisture for barely half an hour whereas with energizing orange I usually get moisture for an hour or so. I didn't realise our Baby Lips were actually different from the US ones.....not fair! Have a lovely day, cheers :)

    1. I love orange, so I might try energized orange next! Thanks! Yeah google Baby Lips and look at the images, all the US ones have clear lids and have a more lipstick looking container... supposedly the formula is better and they have a much better range. I would love their pink punch one!

  2. I quite like the normal baby lips as a chapstick but all the colours are a bit of a let down.

  3. I think the new baby lips "color" ones are much better than these "color-changing" ones. They have much better colour payoff.
    Maybe try "Pink Lolita" of the new color ones as it's pink :)
    I have "berry crush" and it's a pretty pigmented red! :)

  4. The ones we have here in the states have a bit more color- but I find myself reapplying as my lips are on the dry side. But I love pink punch and the grape one:)


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