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MAC Summer Stash swatches

March 8, 2013

It's stupid reviewing this because this was a limited edition pigment stack that was out a while ago with the MAC Surf, Baby! collection... but I got this for Christmas from a friend who worked for Estee Lauder, and these were available in the Estee Lauder Corporate Store... so I know that they are still around, and you can definitely get these on eBay. Anyway I thought I would swatch these, because I have been having fun wearing them, and it has got me back into wearing pigments, which I used to love to do, but I guess I got a little lazy. Even if you can't find this stack, hopefully if you have never tried MAC pigments, this can demonstrate how nice they are!

So this is the Summer Stash pack, it comes with four pigments which contain 3g of each shade. Normal MAC pigments contain 4.5g of product.

These don't have individual shade names, but there is a light silvery pink, a champagne pink, a warm purple and a dark chocolate brown.

These come in two stacks, and even though I love the shades, I much prefer the normal MAC pigment packaging, because these plastic container feel a little flimsy, and I think the lid is starting to crack on one of them.

Shade 1: You can see that the light pink actually looks really white and frosty when swatched. This would make a great inner corner highlight if you love light eye makeup looks, it is a little too light for me, but it can easily be sheered out.

Shade 2: This is more my type of highlight colour, I light an inner corner highlight but really light shades don't suit me. I love this shade, it is a really nice pink champagne and I know that a lot of people could use a shade like this as an all over lid colour.

Shade 3: This is a nice warm purple shade that has some silver flecks throughout it. If you love purple eyeshadow, you can't beat pigments! For some reason, purple eyeshadow aren't as pigmented as other shades, but purple pigments look amazing! This is a lovely purple that almost has a aubergine tint to it, that would make it work beautifully with nude and brown shades. There is a MAC pigment in the permanent range called violet that is also lovely, but it is more blue toned than this shade. 

Shade 4: This is a wow shade! I am in love with it! It is a deep brown with some gold flecks throughout it. This is similar to the permanent shade called Chocolate Brown... but I think this is a more cooler and darker shade. I love it!

Overall, all of these pigments are great shades, are beautifully pigmented and give a stunning amount of colour. There is a risk of mess and fall out with all pigments, but if you want a strong and impressive eye look, then you can't go past pigments! Maybe I should do a MAC pigment collection post?

Do you use pigments? What are your favourites?


  1. Oh really cute color. And Yes, I used pigments befre.


  2. Gosh, these are beautiful! I love purple and brown shades, so this collection is right up my alley. I own several MAC Pigments (used to collect them and still have them all- they last forever!); some of my favourite shades are Violet, Golden Olive, and Melon :)


  3. Wow the pigmentation of these is amazing! The deep brown shade is gorgeous and would be perfect in my makeup collection :) The purple and pink are so pretty too!


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