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February 2013 Empties

March 3, 2013

Before I start this post, I just wanted to give a shout out to my lovely friend Lucinda, who likes reading my empties posts :P Hi Lucinda!

Ok, so its empties time of the month, and I believe this is the first empties post that I have ever done that hasn't included a pack of round cotton pads... I do have a packet that has about 4 or 5 left, but that can wait for March empties. I was also really excited to finish a foundation this month! Before I started this blog, I used to hate finishing foundations, but I now have at least 15 different foundations/bb creams/tinted moisturisers/powder foundations so I was really excited to finally finish one.

Colgate NeutaFluor 220: This is a mouthwash that is recommended for people who have braces, since extra fluoride helps keep your teeth strong while they are forced to become loose and move around... I bought three of these in a buy two get the third free offer, so I will definitely continue to use it. I may try to keep buying this even after I get my braces off, but it is at least double the cost of other mouth washes, so we'll see. Repurchase: Yes

Davroe Hair Wellness Volume Senses Shampoo and Conditioner: I really liked these, they smell really nice and really clean, the shampoo felt like a clarifying shampoo, and the conditioner made my hair soft without weighing it down. These bottles lasted me ages, so I did get sick of them a little, but I definitely would repurchase in the future. I have only seen these online, and I don't know if I would want to pay $10 shipping from the Davroe site to buy them, but if I see them in a store anywhere, I would buy them. These are being sold on the Davroe site for $29.95 for the pair... which is very tempting. Repurchase: Yes

St Ives Timeless Skin Apricot Scrub Renew And Firm: I really didn't like this scrub, it is a really thick cream with a few specks of apricot scrub. I don't even think this is completely used up, I just didn't want to use it anymore. If you love cream cleansers, then you might like this, but is it a lousy scrub. If you want a good scrub, then check out my review on the St Ives Green Tea scrubRepurchase: No

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder 003 Peach Glow: This is a really great powder if you just want to set your foundation without adding any extra coverage, or if you want to hide any shine during the day. If you love a powder with coverage, then this probably isn't for you. This does the job and really cheap powder - it costs $12.95 full price, but it often on sale for under $10, so I would recommend this powder.  I have another one of these, so I clearly would repurchase. Repurchase: Yes

Bourjois Health Mix Serum shade 53: I have a love hate relationship with this foundation, I love the coverage, the finish, the application, and the scent... but I hate the lasting power. This is the type of foundation that looks great for the first couple of hours but then would start to move and gather around my t-zone. I would mainly use this if I knew I was just going to the shops or was doing something for a few hours, but I wouldn't wear it for a full 8 hours at work. I did love that this applied easily and it didn't feel like I had any foundation on my skin, I also liked that this worked well when you mixed it with other foundations. Even though I did really like it, I won't be buying it any time soon... it was just to hard to rely on for a whole day of wear. Repurchase: Would like to say yes, but no

Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream: Normally I don't like cream cleansers, but I started using this when I got my Clarisonic because I realised that cream cleansers worked well with the Clarisonic. This is a really thick cleanser that had a bit of a menthol cooling feel to it, it also had a nice soft scent to it. I did like this, but I don't think I loved it enough to run out and get a full size. I would consider buying it to use with my Clarisonic, when I have used all of my other cleansers up, but it's not a must have cleanser. Repurchase: Yes

Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser: Speaking of cleansers that are not must have it cleansers... I got this Clarisonic cleanser with my Clarisonic, and I wasn't the biggest fan. It is a gel cleaner that didn't foam much, and didn't smell all that great - it smells a bit like mens skincare. I have tried many cleansers that work better with the Clarisionic than this one, so I definitely don't feel the need to go buy a full size of this. Repurchase: No

Avene Cleanance Emulsion Lotion: I didn't mind this product, it is a thin moisturiser that feels quite refreshing and is said to be anti-shine regulating. What I liked most about this is that it mixes really well with sunscreen... so if you like to apply sunscreen either with or over your moitsuriser, then this is a good moisturiser to use. I might buy a full size in the future. Repurchase: Yes

Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Ultra Firm and Lift Cream: This was an ok cream, it was thick but not greasy, it had a clean scent, but I didn't notice any firming or lifting. It was nice, but I wouldn't bother buying a full size. Repurchase: No, maybe when I need more lifting

Apivita Express Beauty With Grape: This is an overnight eye mask, but I tend to use this all over my face and it makes my skin feel super soft the next day. You buy these in a pack of two sachets, and in each sachet I get two uses... so four uses in a pack. These do cost just under $8, so its not cheap, but its good if your skin is feeling a little flat and you want a mask that you can apply overnight. Repurchase: Yes

Skin Solutions Clarifying Cleansing Gel: This is a tiny sample that I got in last months BellaBox, and I got maybe 2 or 3 uses out of this little jar, but I really liked it. I don't remember why I liked it so much, but I just did. I can say that it smells like honey lemon Soothers, and that I am considering buying this with my BellaBox points. Repurchase: Yes

Kevin Murphy Born Again Essential Treatment: I got this in the Lust Have It box this month and I really liked the way it made my hair really soft. I wasnt a huge fan of the scent (which smells a little like tar shampoos), but I put it in my hair for about 10min while having a bath, and it made my hair really nice. If I am looking for a hair treatment soon I may buy this, but it does cost $49.95 for a full size, which isn't cheap! Repurchase: Yes

Anyway that's all my rubbish for February! Is there anything that I mentioned that you've tired, what do you think of these products?


  1. I agree the Bourjois foundation does lack staying power, but I've found it works better mixed with Rimmel Wake Me Up which is thicker and lasts longer. I would've never thought to mix it with anything until I bought the wrong shade for me in the Rimmel. Interesting to hear the St Ives green tea scrub is a different consistency to the anti-ageing one - I thought the creamier texture of the purple one was really different!

    1. Yeah the creamy texture is really different, but it didn't work as a scrub for me, the green tea isn't creamy, its more of a gritty paste, that works well for a scrub. I mix my Bourjois foundations too... I never wear them on their own because they just don't last!

  2. Nice work emptying so much! I love my healthy mix foundation (not the serum one, though) and find it lasts as long as I need it to, but I don't work long hours really. That container also looks like it sucks - there still seems like there's so much in there!

    1. Yeah it does look like there's a lot in there, but I think because this is a "gel" formula, it clings to the sides. It definitely isn't as good as the healthy mix packaging... that gets all of it out!

  3. I really love the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundations. While they won't last all day and night, I just find them so gorgeous.

    1. I agree, thats why I really want to say that I will repurchase it, and I might in the future, but not yet.


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