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Black and metallic nail look

March 25, 2013

I normally post nail looks on Sunday, but I worked all day Sunday so here it is on Monday morning! I bought this light gold metallic nail polish from Sportsgirl on Wednesday (see review here) and I was quite surprised how well this nail polish lasted! Normally Sportsgirl polish lasts only a day or two without chipping, but this one hadn't chipped at all (mind you I did use a good top coat) so I decided to incorporate into a nail look.

So I used two coats of the Nail It! nail polish by Sportsgirl called Goddess, and I used a Wet 'n' Wild black for the tips. All I did was brush two strokes of black from the side of the nail to the tip of the nail, it's a really easy fool proof technique, so easy that you can do it on both hands without any help :P

I did like the effect, but I think its a little too bold for me... I might try this with less contrasting colours next time!


  1. I absolutely loooove Chevron nails and this colour combo is so sophisticated!

  2. I think this looks gorgeous! You did a fab job! And you're rocking it!

  3. I agree with Ela, this does look sophisticated. I love the look of the Sportsgirl nail polish.

  4. Ahhh this combo looks stunning! Definitely going to steal this idea and try and do this for my next manicure!

  5. I love this! The colours go really well together.

  6. Ooh,really like this look! The design and shades you chose have a bit of a art deco feel, which I love :)


  7. I love this look and great colour combination! Sportsgirl always has amazing shades and I am always tempted to buy their polishes when I walk in. Really like the shade that you've bought.

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  8. Love this combo! I have never tried Sportsgirl nail polishes.



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