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12 products I would repurchase

March 11, 2013

Just like the title suggests, this is a post about products that I would repurchase. Of course I have a lot of products that I would repurchase, but there are many blushes, eye liners, mascaras, powders, lip balms etc that I would buy again, but I wouldn't run out and buy if I ran out, I would probably just keep using others... these however, are some of the products that I would go out and buy as soon as I run out.


China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy (Full review): I adore this nail colour! It is my favourite nail shade of the year, and I consistently keep going back to wearing this shade! It is a bright neon coral that is like no other nail polish I have ever seen, and I will definitely go out and buy this again as soon as I run out.

China Glaze Fast Freeze Quick Dry (Full review): This fast drying product has changed my nails forever! I no longer have little nicks or marks from half dry nail polish, and I also am more inclined to wear a top coat, which I avoided previously because it just took too long to dry. Now that I have this product, I can wear 5 layers of nail polish and I can walk out the door with dry nails in 2 minutes! Because I have been wearing base coats and top coats, my nail polish has also been lasting much longer and I no longer have gross chipped nails, even with cheaper nail polish!


Revlon Honey, MAC Morange, Benefit Marry Up, MAC Soft And Gentle

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey (Full review): I am sure you have all heard the praises about this product, and particularly, this shade. It is a great every day colour, and it feels like a balm and lasts like a stain. I love these products in general, but I would definitely run out and repurchase the shade Honey as soon as it runs out.

MAC Amplified Lipstick in Morange: This was the lipstick that got me hooked on orange lipstick, before orange lipstick became popular. To this very day, it is my perfect lipstick shade, and although I don't wear it as often as I used to (my lipstick collection has increased a lot over the last year or so), it is a must have in my collection. 

Max Factor Xperience Weightless Foundation: (Full review) I never thought I would love this foundation, but it is the easiest foundation to wear, it feels like you are applying moisturiser and it melts into your skin. It isn't cheap for a "drugstore" foundation, but if I lost all of my foundations, this is the one I could buy first. It has a satin finish, which does look a little dewy on me, but its not oily looking, and it lasts really nicely.

Benefit Brow Zings in Light: I will leave the house without foundation, but I won't leave the house without something on my eyebrows. I am often lazy and will just run a pencil through my eyebrows, but if I were to repurchase any eyebrow product, this would be it. I love the natural, yet polished finish that this gives, I also think the shade is perfect for me, and I love the tinted wax in combination with the powder, it just works so well!

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer: I have at least half a dozen concealers and I have only recently opened this Bobbi Brown one, and it is A-MAZING! The coverage is awesome, it is nice and creamy, etc etc... it is just great! I only wear this when I am going out, and I am trying to use up my other concealers day-to-day, but once I use up all of my concealers, I am hoping to only use this one, because it is that good!

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft And Gentle (Full review) This is a new addition to my makeup collection, and I previously haven't been a big shimmery skin fan, but if you are going to buy one highlighter in your life, it should be this one! It is a flattering colour, you can build it up or tone it down, and it lasts all day!

Benefit Creamless Cream Shadow/Liner in Marry Up: Ok this is controversial since this shade is no longer available, and I wish I bought back ups when it was on sale. This is the perfect warm mid-toned bronze shade, and applies beautifully! It is so much creamier and pigmented than a Maybelline Color Tattoo, and I even like it more than MAC Paint Pots. I use this as a primer, as an eyeshadow, as an inner corner highlight, as a liner... everything! I will be devistated when this runs out... I think the closest shade to Marry Up that is available in the Benefit range is Busy Signal... but from what I can see from swatches, it is warmer and darker than Marry Up. I might have to start a one man petition to get Benefit to re-release this shade!

I wish it never ran out!

Skin Care

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (Full review): Ok, my skincare must haves are targeted to clearing up spots and keeping oily combination skin at bay, so if you don't have those issues, then disregard this section! The best drying lotion I have ever used is the one my Mario Badescu. It doesn't dry out your skin, but it gets rid of 80% of spots overnight, and any big nasty ones will disappear after the second application. I have never had a treatment so effective, and even though I don't get spots all the time, this will always have a spot in bathroom, just in case. 

Kosmea Ski Clinic Rosehip Oil (Full review): This is probably one of the most expensive rosehip oils on the market, and it's hard to find (I get it online or at David Jones), but it is the best! Since using rosehip oil, my skin is brighter, has better oil control, and I don't suffer from spots nearly as much as I used to. This has literally made my problem skin turn normal, and I personally believe that Kosmea has the best rosehip oil on the market, it is definitely worth the extra $10 or so on a bottle.

St Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub (Full review)This is the best product if you love a good scrub. This is almost like using a sandpaper paste on your skin, but it feels soooo good. This isn't really harsh on your skin, but it might not be suited to people who like really gentle exfoliants. I personally think this is the best exfoliant I have tried, and it has a permanent spot in my shower.

So those are my products that are must haves in my collection, what are yours?

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  1. I never thought I'd like orange lipstick but Morange looks divine! Such a shame about the Benefit cream shadow, hopefully Maybelline bring out a similar Color Tattoo shade, that one looks so versatile! Great post, I think you've persuaded me to grab the Revlon balm stain in that shade, I only have Crush but Honey looks so wearable! xxx

  2. This is probably the third time you've talked about CG Flip Flop!! I also reallu ike corals so if I come across CG, I'll have to give this a go! ^_^ I've recently just tried the new MF foundation which seems pretty perfect for oily skin types.. The Xperience Weightless foundation seems like something to check out! Soft and Gentle also seems nice! Great post! I hope you can find Marry Up online.. Fingers crossed for you. X

  3. HNNNNN THAT MAC LIPPIE IS AMAZING! Haha I must buy this!

  4. Morange looks gorgeous! I've always wanted to try brown zings; you're really tempting me! Xo

  5. Wow, Morange looks absolutely gorgeous and very Spring-y! Your description of the St Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub sounds like THE perfect face scrub for me, I will have to read your full review now. I have to rely on microdermabrasion products since none of the scrubs I have tried really provided a good and in-depth exfoliation x

  6. Great picks! I find posts like this to be so helpful, as there are so many great products out there but the ones we're willing to re-purchase are the true stand-outs! Revlon Honey has been one of my new favourites for sure and I reaally need MAC Morange in my collection soon :)



  7. I've been putting off buying a MAC lipstick for too long now... I think Morange will have to be my first, I can't get over its pigmentation! I can't live without a good mascara like Benefit's They're Real - mascara is the one thing I always have to have in my cosmetics bag because the rest of my eye makeup just doesn't look right without it. xxx


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