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10 Tips for Makeup Noobs

March 18, 2013

I was thinking to myself, if I could give a younger version of myself makeup advice, what would it be? I decided that this may be a good idea for a blog post, but instead of making it just for a younger version of me, I decided to make it a little more general so it could apply to anyone who is new to makeup.

1. Know your skin! The absolute first step is to know your skin! Your skin type will direct you to what you will need out of makeup - eg if you have dry skin you may want a dewy foundation, if you have oily skin you will want a more matte finish. You will also start to know how well makeup lasts on you... do you need a long lasting foundation and a primer? Also if you have clear skin then there is no reason why you should cake on the foundation, so maybe try a BB cream... and if you have problem skin, concealer may become your best friend. If you don't know if you have dry/normal/combination/oily skin, then its good to go get a facial because they can will analyse your skin for you.

2. Find a skincare routine that works for you! If you can get the best out of your skin then applying foundations and concealers becomes so much easier. I would recommend experiment with different cleansers, toners, exfoliants, moisturisers, serums, oils, masks etc etc until you find what works for you. It took me years to realise that rosehip oil keeps my oily skin and spots I order (I guess it tricks my skin into thinking that it doesn't need to produce much oil). I wish I knew that when I was in high school!

3. Read reviews! Ok I know this may seem simple, but I would suggest you find bloggers or youtubers that have the same skin type as you and listen to their reviews of products. There is nothing worse than trying makeup that suits a dry skinned person, just to realise that it leaves you looking like a greasy mess, but if you had read reviews from oily skinned people you wouldn't have tried the product in the first place.

4. Embrace YouTube! I know this sounds silly, but before I started watching YouTube gurus like Pixiwoo, I never knew that contouring/highlighting or tight lining ever existed! It is so helpful to see how professionals put on makeup, and even though you won't be able to copy them exactly, you can pick up some amazing tips!

5. Practice makes perfect! I know not everyone wants to sit at home practicing makeup looks, but to be confident with applying makeup, you have to do it often. When I want to practice a new technique, I will start working it into my daily makeup routine - eg if you wanted to practice doing a winged liner, then try it daily with a brown liner, so that you get the hang of it without looking too over the top during the day.

6. When in doubt, blend it out! I have been applying eyeshadow for years and years, and it looked ok, but if you want a really polished look then you should remember to blend your eyeshadow, because no matter how messily you apply it, if you blend it out then it can end up looking ok. Also start to use brushes, there is nothing wrong with using your fingers to apply makeup, but once you start using brushes to apply makeup, your world will change. Your makeup will start looking neater and you will open up many more possibilities, especially when it comes to you eyes and face.

7. Two out of three! This is my rule, and it doesn't apply 100% of the time, but I believe that the majority of the time it is correct. If you are going out and doing your makeup, you should emphasise one or two of the following, but not all: your eyes, your lips, or your skin (strong cheek/highlight/contour). If you emphasise all of them, you will start to look way too over the top. When I mean you shouldn't emphasise one of the points, that still means you can wear makeup on that area but just tone it down, eg use neutral colour on the eye, a nude lipstick, or tone down the blush and contour.

8. Eyebrows, eyebrows, eyebrows! Don't neglect your eyebrows! It doesn't matter how nice your makeup is, if you have patchy horrible eyebrows, it throw your look off. Using an eyebrow product (powder/pencil/wax/gel) will help frame your face and will completely finish your look. Once your start, you will never go back!

9. Learn your colouring! It has taken me years and years to realise what colours do and don't suit me. I know that warm toned shades work well on my eye colours, but light and silvery shades look hideous! Some of this is trial by error, but you can generally look up what makeup colours suit your eye colour, and you can go from there. There are some universally unflattering shades for eyeshadows... eg bright pinks and reds - but with enough youtube tutorials, you can definitely learn how to work them if you are determined to use them.

10. Have fun! The more you stress about applying makeup, the more you will stuff it up. I used to stress out when I was doing my makeup for an event or a date, but now I see it as a good opportunity to play with makeup!
What are the tips that you would give people who are just starting out with makeup? Or if you wanted to write your own 10 tips, then please link the post below!


  1. This is a great post idea, I'll have to give it a go myself! :)

  2. I would tell my teenage self to blend down my NECK! so many mistakes haha

  3. Awesome post Kat, love the tips

    Kayte x

  4. This is a great idea for a post. All tip notch tips! I'm still figuring out what colours suit me best, and I'm just getting the hang of filling in my eyebrows.
    I would tell my teenage self that red eyeliner is NOT a good look, haha.

  5. Great tips, totally agree with knowing your skin type and knowing your colouring. So hard to get those two right. And I love, love, love Pixiwoo and other YouTube gurus (mainly Lisa Eldridge and Charlotte Tilbury) - they've taught me a lot even though I have zero correlation with their skin type/colouring/general face :p

  6. Such a helpful post! I think the tips about blending and about defining the brows are so important, and aspects of makeup people often forget. I'm sure this post will be so handy to makeup noobs everywhere :)



  7. Really helpful tips here, thank you so much for sharing!
    Definitely agree about brows - filling in my brows changed my life!

    Jesss xo


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