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Saucebox Midnight Blossoms palette review and swatches

February 16, 2013

The new palette from Saucebox arrived at the Lipstick Republic website, and I had to order it straight away! I bought their Creme de la Creme palette a few months ago (see review here) and I fell in love with this brand. I loved the quality of these eye shadows so much that I even included it in my favourite eye products of 2012 (see post here). The formula of the shadows are like no other, they are super soft, crazy pigmented, and just great to work with. This brand is also talc and paraben free, and more importantly they are cruelty free.

There are now four palettes and some individual shadows available for sale at Lipstick Republic, there is the neutral Creme de la Creme palette, a pinky purple palette called the Forbidden Fruits palette, and a bright yellow/orange/blue palette called the Temptation palette... and now there is this larger Midnight Blossoms palette.

After buying the Creme de la Creme palette I was so tempted to buy the Forbidden Fruits and the Temptation palettes, but I knew I wouldn't get too much use out of them because they aren't the shades I normally wear (although I am still very tempted to buy them :P), but when this Midnight Blossoms palette was released, I knew I needed my Saucebox fix! This palette is the most expensive of the four, but that's because it contains 12 large shadows, instead of 4-6 shadows like the other palettes. This palette costs $65, but that's less than two MAC shadows in Australia, so this is super amazing value! The lovely Michelle from Lipstick Republic also included a free Saucebox mascara with my order. I love this mascara! (see my review on the mascara here)

If you like the look of this brand, there is a 15% discount currently running on the Lipstick Republic site, just enter the code "1500LIKES". If you are reading this and you have missed the discount, then enter the code "RepublicVIBs" for a 10% discount on your order.

This packaging is made out of sturdy cardboard and has the same type of graphics as the other palettes, but this one also has gold detailing (oooh ahhh). This has an outer slip that has all of the ingredients written on it.

Inside the packaging there is a good sized mirror, you can easily put your full face of makeup on in this mirror. The shadows also are removable, so if you put your finger, or a pen or something small in the grooves next to the shadow, you can easily remove the metallic pan. This allows you to easily depot the shadows, or to customise your own palette if you own a few of these palettes. 

You will see from the comparison with my z-palette that these shadows are huge! I have been informed that each shadow contains a whopping 4.9g of product! To put that into perspective, a normal MAC shadow contains 1.5g of product. So this is mega awesome value for money, and this palette will last you years and years and years

Click for a larger photo

What I love about this palette is that it contains colour, but quite wearable colour. I am not a big fan of colourful eyeshadow on a daily basis, but you could easily work in any one of these bolder colours with the neutral shades to make a fun but wearable look. You can easily see see how this palette got the name Midnight Blossom, as these shades look like a garden at night.

All of these shades are shimmery, but the formulas vary from shade to shade, with some being primarily sparkly shimmer to other shades being a mostly matte with a hint of shimmer.

I would love to see Saucebox bring out a matte palette next!

First line of shadows - indoor lighting
First line of shadows - direct sunlight

Dark Blue shade: This is a really nice navy shade, it is almost all matte, but it has a slight shimmer to it that is only really evident in direct sunlight. The colour payoff isn't as good as the super shimmery shades, but you can build up the colour to make a bold look.

Olive shade: This is a really nice metallic olive green shade, very pigmented and easy to apply.

Light Green shade: This is really pretty green, it doesn't have much base colour, but is primarily the light green shimmer.

Red shade: This is a lovely burnt red, it is similar in formula as the olive shade, and it is a really wearable red shade that would lovely with bronzes.

Second line of shadows - indoor lighting
Second line of shadows - direct sunlight

Champagne Peach shade: This is a really nice shimmery champagne peach, and would be a perfect all over lid colour for people who prefer warmer shades, or it would be a highlighter for a mid-toned/dark eye look.

Lavender shade: This is very sheer, but very pretty. It has virtually no base colour, but is a strong shimmery lavender, that would look great as a highlight, or would be great to layer to add more dimension to a look.

Dark Purple shade: This is gorgeous! It is a strong blue based purple that creates a beautiful metallic finish. Definitely my favourite bright shade from this palette.

Gold Shade: This is similar to the lavender and the light green, it doesn't have much base colour and is primarily a shimmer. I would definitely use this as a highlight shade with a brown/bronze look, and I would also pat it over the middle of the lid to create more dimension.

Bottom line of shadows - indoor lighting
Bottom line of shadows - direct sunlight

Taupe shade: This looks more impressive in real life than in the swatches, it is a purple toned taupe with a greeny gold shimmer, that almost makes it look like it has a duo-chrome effect.

Nude shade: This is another shade that looks more impressive swatched, this is a pinky nude shade that looks like it has a pink sheen to it when it catches the light - very pretty! This would be a great nude shade for people who prefer cooler tones.

Brown shade: This is a nice dark brown shade that has gold/bronze shimmer. This is similar to the bronze shade in the Creme de la Creme palette, but this one is more cool toned and less gold.

Black shade: This is a super pigmented black that has a matte black base colour but contains a lot of silver shimmer. This could get messy with fall out, so be careful using this shade!

Overall this is a great palette, the formula of the shadows are buttery soft, really pigmented and have great colour payoff. The only shade that takes a bit of building to become bold is the dark blue, but it is still a great shade. I also love the mix between the colour and the nudes... you can easily create a nude look with a pop of colour without needing to reach for two palettes. I know I will use the bottom nudes the most, but I personally love the second line the most - the colours just look so much fun and are the easiest for me to work into an every day look. There does appear to be a lack of lighter shades or highlight shades, with the palette containing mainly mid-toned or dark shades, but after swatching the shades, it evident that the lavender and gold would make for great inner corner highlight, however there still isn't a nude highlight or brow bone shade. If you did own the Creme de la Creme palette as well as this palette, then you could swap one of the two nude highlight shades from that palette into this palette. The only negative about these shadows is that they can create come fallout, so if you were to make a dark eye look, I would recommend putting your foundation on after you use the shadows.

This is a look I created yesterday using this palette, I wanted it to be a nude shade with a pop of colour. I used the champagne peach shade from the second line all over the lid, the nude shade from the bottom line in the crease, the lavender shade from the second line in the inner corner and on the lower lash line, and I patted the dark purple from the second line over the black liquid liner, blended it out, and then applied it on the lower lash line towards the outer corner of the eye. I also applied the Saucebox mascara.

What do you think of this palette? I am thinking of giving a palette away when I reach 500 followers, which of the four Saucebox palettes would you like to try the most? Check out for the range.


  1. The colours look absolutely gorgeous!
    Love the eye look you made!

  2. I have the creme de la creme & love it!

  3. Your love of Saucebox has definitely rubbed off on me, and the last palette you reviewed is on the top of my wishlist! This one looks absolutely stunning though, especially that dark purple/blue colour!
    And wow the size of the product!!! I can't believe it! How generous of them!

    1. You should definitely try them... it will leave you wondering why people spend so much on mac shadows!

  4. Love the look you created with the shades. This palette looks so amazing


  5. I love these sorts of eye looks - just a pop of coloured liner can be really effective but still understated enough for everyday :)

    1. I'm going to try to wear more colour on a daily basis, I am definitely in a nudes/bronze rut!

  6. Lovely palette! Cute packaging too. I don't think we have this in the UK x

  7. Gorgeous! I am dying to get this palette but it is a tiny bit out of my budget at the moment, which is a shame because it is insanely good value for money!

    1. Its definitely an investment, maybe something worth saving up for?

  8. Wow that's definitely a great deal! All the colors look gorgeous, and there's so much product :o


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