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Product Rave! St Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Scrub

February 27, 2013

I did a disappointing product post yesterday (see post here), so I decided to do a product rave today just to even out the blogging karma. This is my all time favourite scrub! When this St Ives Green Tea Scrub was first released, I think I used three tubes of it before I got a little sick of it and I wanted to try new things. Every time I bought a new scrub (even other St Ives scrubs) I always thought "it's still not as good as the green tea one!". After about a year of trying other scrubs , and after months of my boyfriend asking why I don't buy this anymore (yes we are both fans), I decided that I must have it. This costs $9.99 full price from Priceline, but you can often get it on sale.

So this is a green paste that smells nice (almost like a fruity kiwifruit scent?), and unlike other scrubs, this isn't a cream or gel that contains a sparse amount of large exfoliating particles or beads, instead it is almost like a paste that is completely made up of tiny grains. It creates a really satisfying scrub that works really effectively but isn't harsh on the skin. It almost feels like you are using a paste version of a soft sandpaper on your skin... I know that sounds weird, but it feels so good!

This is also oil free (bonus!), it is not tested on animals, and contains no animal products. It also contains Salicylic Acid which is used to help clear up and prevent spots.

This is the best scrub I have ever used, and it is under $10! I have tried a lot of high end scrubs and I keep coming back to this. If you love face scrubs that actually scrub, then I highly recommend this product!

Have you tried this scrub? What did you think?


  1. I've only tried the apricot scrub from St Ives, and even though it says it's non-irritating, it still irritated my skin. I would like to find a face scrub that I could use without irritation.

  2. I've always wanted to try this scrub! I use the St Ives Apricot Scrub but I think it's time to switch it up a little x

  3. I think I really need to try this! I've only heard good things, but your recommendation is enough to make me addit to my wishlist ;)

  4. I love St Ives scrubs. I've used the Apricot Renew and Firm religiously but might have to give this one a try too :)

  5. What a great discovery! It is amazing when you find easily accessible products which are affordable that work well. I will definitely give this a go, at only $10 it is definitely worth a try :) I wasn't a big fan of their apricot scrub though as I found it too harsh for my face- I love how the green tea one is a paste!

  6. I've heard awesome things about St Ives! It seems awesome.

  7. I used to use a scrub by St Ives but I've never heard of this. I definitely need to keep an eye out for this.

  8. I finally bought this a couple of weeks ago and absolutely LOVE it!


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