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Physicians Formula Shimmer Sprips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio for Brown Eyes - review and swatches

February 21, 2013

Before I talk about my new eyeliners from Physicians Formula, I just wanted to give a quick shout out to my follower Dani, who sent me a lovely email yesterday which really made my day! Thanks Dani!

Ok, so I went to Priceline today to buy toothpaste and an exfoliant, and I happened to walk past the Physicians Formula stand and I saw that they were having a $7 off sale. Normally this pack cost $24.95, but I bought them for $17.95. I have one of these pencils and they are really awesome (they last all day and are so easy to apply!), but I have always been really reluctant to buy them for $25 as I have a lot of eyeliners and I knew I wouldn't get much use of the coloured pencil in the pack - the brown eyes pack has a black, brown and purple eyeliner, the green eyes pack has a green, purple and black eyeliner, and the blue eyes pack has a blue, brown and black pencil. But as this was on sale, I though this was great value (less than $6 a liner!). I was tossing up between the brown eyes and the blue eyes pack and defaulted to the brown eyes one, since I have brown eyes. I might go back and get the blue pack while this sale is still on.

So this contains a "natural" espresso shade, a "playful" purple shimmery shade, and a "dramatic" black liner with purple shimmer.

I really like the packaging of these pencils, they are nice and shiny and are the colour of the liner which makes it easy to find among other pencils... they look and feel like they are good quality and they are twist up.

So my black one came out looking a bit melted... luckily these pencils have a sharpener in the base so it wasn't an issue getting this sharp again.

Espresso, Purple, Black - no flash
Espresso, Purple, Black - with flash

The Espresso shade is a nice chocolate brown with a bit of bronze shimmer. It is smooth to apply and is easy to built up a strong colour. The Purple is probably the worst of the three (why is purple always the least pigmented eye product shade?), it is a nice colour but it isn't as smooth and pigmented... but it is still a pretty decent liner, but it will work better on the lash line instead of the waterline. The one I like the most is the Black. When I first bought this, I had no idea that this had purple shimmer in it... and I am really impressed with how good it looks swatched, and how unique it is. Sure the purple shimmer probably won't show up on your eyes, but I still really like it. The black shade is just as smooth and pigmented as the brown.

The reason why I love Physicians Formula liners is because they apply smoothly, they are budge proof, and they can be easily applied to your waterline... If you want a liner to last all day, then try these!


  1. I've seen these Physician's Formula Shimmer eyeliners before but never really thought to give them a try as I hadn't heard much about them! The brown and black eyeliners are lovely, the purple is a nice shade but shame that it wasn't as smooth and pigmented! The only product I have from Physicians is a Wet and Dry Baked Collection eyeshadow trio which I had used a lot before I stumbled across my MUA eyeshadow palette :)

  2. These sound great for the water line! I think I may do an order off iherb of PF because I really want to try their Happy Booster blush as well.

    Great review!


    Ps: I've also got an international giveaway of a MAC lipstick of your choice, do feel free to take a peep and enter!

  3. wow nice review.. actually i never try this brand.. I love those purple eyeliner <3

  4. I agree the packaging looks fantastic and how cool is it that it has a sharpener built into it?! The black with purple shimmer is really cool. I like that the colour is really subtle.

  5. These look lovely. It's a shame the purple isn't as pigmented (And I totally know what you mean, is it that hard to make a crazy pigmented purple eyeliner!?) Haha!
    Good bargain too!

  6. Maybe I'll try PF! :D

  7. I've tried their mascara and a few shimmer strips, but haven't delved into their eyeliner yet. Purple eye products are always the most disappointing unless you want to fork over $30+ for a good, pigmented eyeliner :( xxx

  8. I love PF liners too. I think my fav product of theirs is the shimmer strips bronzer. The packaging is also heavy which I like :)


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