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MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Collection - Porcelain Pink, Soft And Gentle, Stereo Rose - review and swatches

February 9, 2013

I decided to do a MAC Mineralized Skinfinish collection post, as I recently ordered Soft And Gentle and Stereo Rose from the MAC webisite, and I am very excited to review them. I also have Porcelain Pink which I have had for a while now, so I decided to swatch them all. Both the Porcelain Pink and the Stereo Rose are limited edition, and are currently out as part of the Apres Chic collection, and Soft And Gentle is part of the permanent collection. Each of these cost $47 each, which is definitely not cheap, but they contain 10g of product, compared to the normal blushes that contain 6g, and these will last ages! These are also impossible to get on sale online, but you can often get some normal blushes for a bit cheaper on sites like

So I originally went to MAC in Myer to look for Stereo Rose, which has been raved about as a shimmery coral blush, but sadly it wasn't there (maybe its just at the Pro Store?). While I was there I wanted to swatch Lightscapade which looked amazing in the pan (look it up on Google to see how gorgeous it looks), but swatched just like a boring powder. Because Lightscapade was a bit of a let down I decided to swatch Soft And Gentle, which is raved about in the beauty community, but I never really bothered with it previously because I normally don't wear highlighter, but lately I have been adding it to my daily routine. Ok ok, I must admit, this swatches gorgeously! It is an amazing champagne shimmer that is not for the faint hearted, I swatched it on my hand at the Myer counter, and the swatch was on my hand HOURS later. I was so impressed, and it jumped to the top of my must have list. I went online and I ordered Soft And Gentle and Stereo Rose, and I used the discount code STRENGTH to get free shipping, shipping is usually $10.

So these are in a typical mac packaging, they are made of black plastic with a clear domed lid. All of these are genuine, I got Porcelain Pink on sale from the MAC/Estee Lauder Corporate store, and the other two from the MAC website. You may be able to see that the Soft And Gentle has a different font on the back... this is not a fake, I guess they just use different fonts sometimes?

Porcelain Pink: This is a soft pink powder with a gold vein running through it.

Soft And Gentle: This is a soft champagne shade that looks marbled, but has only the one colour through it. This is described on the MAC website as "gilded peach bronze"... I don't really see that.

Stereo Rose: This is a warm coral rose shade with a bronze vein running through it. This bronze shade looks really shimmery and impressive in real life.

You can see that all of these are shimmery, with the least shimmery being Porcelain Pink.

Swatch in the shade: Porcelain Pink, Soft And Gentle, Stereo Rose
Swatch in direct sunlight: Porcelain Pink, Soft And Gentle, Stereo Rose
Porcelain Pink: This is the least shimmery of three, but it looks a lot more impressive in real life than in the swatch. This has a really pretty pink shimmer to it, almost like a gold and pink duochrome effect, and it looks lovely over a pink blush to add a bit of shimmer. This is not an obvious highlight, and is more of a nice glow, but if you are a highlight fiend, then this probably won't cut it for you. This was sitting gathering dust for a while, until I realised that it is great as a finishing powder. I have oily combination skin so I tend to use matte finish foundations and use a lot of powder, but I also like to like to have a glowing complexion, so I find that a light dusting of this powder all over my face gives that "glowing finish" without it being too obvious, or without having to use illuminating foundations that make me really greasy. This would be perfect for people who love subtle highlights, but this may look a bit powdery on deep complexions. 

Soft And Gentle: This is the perfect highlight shade if you want an obvious highlight. It is a strong champagne shimmer that literally lasts all day! This is a great colour because it's not too gold and not to silvery, it is a really flattering almost skin toned colour. This would work on any skin tones, but if you want a subtle highlight then you need a very very light hand with this one.

Stereo Rose: I was expecting this to be bolder than it actually is. I have seen swatches of this that make it look like a bold coral blush, but it's more of a subtle coral glow... which is still very flattering. Most people with lighter skin tones would love this as a super shimmery blush (perfect for warm weather), and this would be a gorgeous highlight for really deep skin tones. This doesn't wear as well as Soft And Gentle, and will wear off after around 6 hours. If you want to get the most intense colour out of this, it's best to apply it with a blush brush and the to apply some with your finger where you want it to be the most intense.

Here is a photo of me wearing Porcelain Pink all over the face, Stereo Rose as a blush and Soft And Gentle as a cheek highlighter (please ignore my hormonal skin!)

Do you have any Mineralized Skinfinishes? What is your favourite shade?


  1. I've seen so many rave reviews about the Mineralized Skin Finishes, especially soft and gentle! They do look really lovely, both swatched and on your face :) I think a MSF is going to be added to the list of things I buy at duty free when I travel, haha.

  2. They're all so pretty, I've used Soft & Gentle before and absolutely love it, I really like the look of Stereo Rose too, great swatches xx

  3. pretty.. love the shimmer and the color.. I think it can be use as highlighter too :D

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  4. I have petticoat and pink power. I have been trying to resist soft & gentle but I am sure I will pick it up at some point!


  5. I haven't tried these MAC mineralised skin finishes before but they look gorgeous! My favourite is Soft and Gentle, it would be excellent as a nice highlighter :) The texture looks so smooth too which is great!

  6. They are so beautiful, especially Soft & Gentle xx

  7. Fab collection! They're perfect for a glowy finish. I've heard so many raves about Soft and Gentle :)

  8. I have Soft & Gentle, and it's my absolute fave! I also have Blonde from a previous collection but I would love to have gotten my hands on Porcelain Pink. It's so pretty!

  9. Really love stereo rose...I think I must own one MSF soon!

  10. Wow, these are all gorgeous and you've photographed them so well! Porcelain Pink looks so pretty and versatile- I'll definitely have to check it out. I have a couple MSFS- Redhead and Light Year (both LE, I think, unfortunately) and I love them both! :)


  11. Wow these really make your face glow. So much nicer than a normal matte blush!

  12. I love Soft and Gentle, it's the only highlighter I use. But gosh I WANT stereo rose! Thanks for the swatches x

  13. Soft and Gentle is so talked about! Definitely want to try it.


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