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Innoxa Nail and Lip Pack

February 28, 2013

This is just a quick post about a little bargain that I picked up from Priceline yesterday. I really don't need any new lipsticks or nail polish, but I was at the shops and I bought a new dress for my bfs art exhibition this Saturday, and I just felt like I wanted a new lipstick to go with the dress. I was originally going to look for one of those new bright Maybelline lipsticks, and I was looking at the light pink shade because I don't have any light bright pinks, then I saw this pack by Innoxa and the lipstick shade was almost identical! So instead of paying $18-$19 for the Maybelline lipstick, I bought this pack for $14.95!

I saw three of these packs available, this Baby Doll set, a Fuschia set (which was a little darker than Baby Doll), and a Tangerine set. Normally the lipstick alone is $14.95 and the nail polish is $13.95, so this is a great deal! I also love the fact that I have a perfectly matching lipstick and nail polish set!

This is a really pretty shade, its bright baby pink and is a shade that I love, but for some reason don't own! This shade is part of the Summer Matte range.

Look how pretty it is swatched! I haven't worn it yet, so I can't comment yet about how it wears on the lips. As it is matte, I will be exfoliating my lips before I apply it. I will probably do a face of the day post on Saturday where I will be wearing this lipstick and nail polish.

Edit: I have just been playing with this lipstick, and it is a pretty high maintenance lipstick... definitely not as thick and creamy as the other shades I have from this brand. This will require exfoliating, a lip liner and a gloss over the top to make it look less dry. It is also lighter than my natural lip colour so it does stand out a lot... I'll try to make it work, but I might have to mix it with a slightly darker shade. Maybe I should have gone for the fuschia shade :P I do have the lipstick in Tangerine, and I do think that is a better lipstick that this one, so if you still want to try this pack, I would recommend that one.

I have a few other Innoxa lipsticks, so I might do a Innoxa lipstick collection post soon.

What do you think of this pack?


  1. That's a really great pack! So affordable too :D

    I'll have to keep my eyes peeled!

  2. Such a lovely pack! The pink shade is so pretty, can't wait to see your post with them in :) xx

  3. This is a really pretty pink, pity it's so drying. I love the idea of matching lipstick and polish and I've been eyeing these packs off every time I'm in Priceline. I actually got the tangerine pack for a friend for Christmas, and I bought the watermelon lipstick for myself and love it.

  4. I've got the same lipstick! I also find it too pale - I like to mix it with one of my vampy coloured lipsticks to make a nice plum colour (I'm still not brave enough to venture out of the house with fully vampy lips!).

  5. oo the pink is really pretty!
    i hate my lips being dry it's so uncomfortable so that sucks a little bit.
    But it's a gorgeous colour!
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