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Her Fashion Box discount code!

February 9, 2013

Her Fashion Box launches very very soon, so here is a little more information about this new subscription box hitting Australia:

What is Her Fashion Box?
It’s the latest fashion accessory tailored to your style profile, alongside a bunch of hand-picked, prestige beauty and lifestyle treats, delivered straight to your door each month like a gorgeous gift! An exciting new era in the way women experience fashion, Her Fashion Box is the gift that keeps giving, that little thing women can look forward to each month.

How it works…

It’s as simple as choosing your style profile; trendy, classic or feminine, subscribing for $49.95 per month, then looking forward to that beautiful pink box arriving at your home or office every month! There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime.

What’s in the box?
A trend report that has inspired the fashion accessory, examples of how to use the accessory to accessorise your outfits and information on the beauty and lifestyle products profiled in the box.
Each month, the team at Her Fashion Box will carefully select deluxe size beauty samples from high-end, boutique and cult brands ranging from makeup, skincare, fragrances, hair, nail and body and from premium lifestyle brands that could include things such as gorgeous stationery, luxury candles, beauty or spa services, gourmet food or wine tasters, cute home wares, online products, entertainment and more.

Two things interest me about this box - the first is that it combines beauty and fashion, and the second is that you get to CHOOSE your box style, instead of it being chosen for you! If you are interested in trying out this new subscription box, then sign up at herfashionbox.com, choose which box suits you most (I was tossing up between trendy and classic, but I chose classic), and remember to enter the discount code KITSCHSNITCH for 50% off your first box!

I can't wait until this arrives!


  1. oh wow thanks so much for the discount code!!!! It makes it so very tempting :) Now I just have to convince myself I don't need this....wish me luck! :)

    1. Haha I know the feeling! I am going to give the box a go and assess whether its worth the $49.95 a month after I get the first box

  2. It sounds so much better than Bellabox or LHI to be honest :P
    Thanks for the very generous code!
    I can't wait to see your first box :)


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  4. I've been tossing up whether or not to try this but it looks so good! And with the discount code for the first box, I'm in! Hopefully it's a good one! I like that they do various items and not just makeup, it's a great concept.

    x bridget



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