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David Jones Beauty Winter Sampler Tote

February 23, 2013

David Jones are currently selling a Deluxe Sampler Tote for $19.95 with any beauty purchase. This has been around all month, so I was pretty late to check it out, but they are available until sold out... and at least the David Jones on Bourke Street in Melbourne still have quite a few available. So you get to choose from two bags each valued at over $93 - see the list of whats in each bad in the photo above. Even though they come with the tote bag below, the products are actually attached on the outside of the tote in a clear makeup bag, so you can see whats in it before you buy it (which comes in handy because it means you can look at all the OPI shades available and pick the one you like most! - I was tossing up between this oil spill one and a dark grey)

So I got the bag that's listed on the left of the card. I wanted things from each bag, but the thing that convinced me to get this one was the foundation is in the shade Fair... which I will actually use, whereas the foundation in the other bag was in the shade Tan. I really like the clear makeup bag that it all came in, I will definitely use it for traveling because it is a great size and its easy to see whats in there. The tote however is not my style, at best I might become a grocery bag, at worst I might throw it out.

So these are the products:

David Jones Refreshing Facial Cleanser 30ml and Beauty Moisture Day Cream 30ml - Both of these are from the David Jones skincare and makeup range, and these come in both bags. I am not sure how long David Jones have had their own range out... but I am curious to try them. I will save these for traveling.

OPI Nail Lacquer 3.75ml mini - Once again, this mini comes in each bag. I got an oil slick looking one (and I will review it asap), but I also saw a light pink, a dark grey, a dark silver with glitter and a brown shade. I love these minis, because I rarely get through a whole bottle of nail polish these days.

Giorgio Armani Armani Code Luna 1.5ml sample - These aren't the typical scents I go for, but this is actually really nice! It is a warm musky floral that would be a great Winter scent.

Scottish Fine Soaps Conditioner 40ml - This is a good sized conditioner, and I am going to Japan in May, so I will definitely save this for traveling (like a lot of these products :P)

Lanolips Golden Ointment Pot 12.5g - I have only recently discovered Lanolips (see my post on one of their lip glosses) and at first apprearance, I thought this was a lip balm... it's actually a multipurpose salve which you put on dry areas. I have already used this on my elbows and knees to try it out, and I like it, I will definitely get a lot of use of this. This also smells really nice, it's like a subtle toffee scent... mmmm. The full 50g tube of this costs $28.95, so this sample is pretty good value.

Grown Camellia & Geranium Blossom Hydrating Cream 12ml - Once again, this is a great sample size. I haven't opened the seal of this so I don't know how it smells, but it is organic and it is cruelty free which is a bonus!

Revlon Lip Colorburst Lipgloss full size - This is in the shade 024 Gold Dust, which isn't really my type of shade, but oh well. I don't mind these glosses, I have one in a peach shade, but they are a little thick and tacky for my liking, so I will probably only wear this over nude lipsticks. The shade of this is a caramel with gold shimmer, but it doesn't look too bad on the lips (see swatches below).

Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in Gold Dust

David Jones Beauty Cream Foundation SPF full size 30ml in the shade Fair - Last but not least, this is the David Jones cream foundation. I saw that this normally retails for around $23, which is great value. One thing that I can say is that this is the lightest shade in the range, and it's not all that light! This is probably perfect for my skin, and I know that there are a lot of people who are a lot lighter than me! Lucky I didn't get the other bag with the Tan shade!

David Jones Cream Foundation in Fair and Revlon Colorburst lip gloss in Gold Dust

And in case you were wondering, I bought a Kosmea Rose Hip Oil as my beauty purchase. I was looking for ages, and I was thinking of getting something from The Balm etc etc, but I came back to this because I use this everyday and I was in a practical mood.

Overall I really like this bag, I will definitely use everything in it. It was like getting a great value subscription box, and I was able to choose which one I wanted (or if you are my friend Sarah who came with me, she bought one of each :P)

Will you be checking out his sampler tote?


  1. I think the revlon colorburst looks lovely!xo

  2. The lipgloss looks really nice - I've been looking for a drugstore one similar to that, so it might find it's way onto my to-buy list! xxx

  3. what ag reat idea! glad you liked the products

  4. I did see this in stores and contemplated getting it, but none of the products really attracted me except the Dermalogica in the other bag. But this one would be good if you were after a foundation :) I prefer Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses to the ColorBurst ones - I find them much more plush and moisturising.

  5. I haven't heard of this offer at David Jones so I might have a snoopy around sometime, and hopefully some sampler totes are left. Lanolip's Golden Ointment looks so multipurpose and useful, something that I would love in my handbag. I quite like the Revlon lip gloss- even though the shade doesn't look too appealing in the tube it looks so subtle and pretty on your lips!

  6. I got pretty much the same bag as this - for $20 they are a winner.

    Japan is brilliant, I had an amazing time there last year. By far my favourite overseas trip. I hadn't been before and had some lovely bloggers send me tips, here are mine if you are looking for some: http://themustardjumper.wordpress.com/2012/09/09/best-trip-of-my-life/



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