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Bodyography Professional Cosmetics Electric Lip Slide in shade Pulp Fiction - review and swatches

February 6, 2013

I bought this lip product earlier last year, before I started my blog, and I have been meaning to review it for a long time now. This was an impulse buy at a hair salon, and at that time I was obsessed with orange toned lip shades, and Pulp Fiction shade is the "orange" shade from this Electric Lip Slide range. It actually isn't a true orange, it is more of an electric red-orange, and it really caught my eye! After buying it (for $35 eeek), I didn't reach for it often because after it settles into your lips, it sheers down to a more vibrant typical lipstick pink shade, which I wasn't into at that time. I decided to dust it off, and give it another go, because I am back into pinky shades. I really wanted to review this product because I do remember coming home and searching for a review on the internet, but there weren't many out there... definitely not any in-depth reviews.

Above is the colour range, and the one I have is the shade that looks orange (the fourth shade)

This is what the website says about this product:

"Introducing a revolutionary product for the Professional Beauty Industry - the Electric Lip Slide. A hybrid of a lipstick, gloss, & stain infused with natural butters and Vitamin E resulting in an ultra luscious, head turning lip colour. These shiny and creamy lip colours are long wear and extremely moisturising, there is nothing like this on the market!"

Big claims! Lets see it is a head turning colour, if it is long wearing, staining, and moisturising...

The shade I bought is Pulp Fiction (good name!), which is a neon red with a hint of orange. This reminds me of the OCC Lip Tar in the shade Radiate (see swatches here). This is a thick almost mousse like textured gloss and it has a doe foot applicator. These also smell amazing, like passionfruit soft drink. 

This swatch shows that this is a stunning bright coral red. It applies quite smoothly, and is very opaque.

Freshly applied

This is what it looks like applied to the lips. It does come off as a bright red coral, and even though it is quite opaque, you can see that it is difficult to get an even finish... I don't think it's built to handle a bold application. The tube says that a little does a long way, but if you did want a bold lipstick look, you actually do need to use quite a bit of the product. If you want it to look more like a dark gloss or a stain, that's when you only need to use a little of this product.

After an hour - no eating or drinking

The issue that I always had with this product is that the brightness settle and within 30min - 1 hour, which is when it starts looking a lot less interesting. The above photo is after an hour of wear (and I didn't eat or drink anything). It starts to settle into the creases, and just looks like a dark pink lip gloss. If you were to eat or drink then this would look less vibrant than the photo above.

Three hours later - no eating or drinking
Ok so this is around three hours later without any eating or drinking. It is still hydrating, but the colour hasn't lasted, and this isn't a stain... this is just left over lip gloss, if I were to rub it off, it would just look like normal lips. I made sure that I didn't eat or drink to get these lip swatches, but normally I don't go three hours without at least drinking something, so normally by the three hour mark there will be nothing left on my lips.

So the colour is head turning (at first), but it is not long lasting, not staining, but it is quite hydrating. I wouldn't run out and get another one of these, but I will try to use this more often, because it is a pretty colour and I think this would be a great product to apply over a Lip Tar or a bright lipstick to make it more hydrating.

Have you seen these products in any salons? If you want to check these out then check out the Bodyography website to see where these are stocked.


  1. Wow that color is so vibrant in the beginning! A little dissapointing how it settles :\ But still. It's very beautiful!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. The color is gorgeous!
    It sucks that it doesnt last, though.
    Did you line your lips with a lighter shade, or did you just apply the product?


    1. I just applied the product on its own. I think it would great over a bright lipstick! That will help the colour last!

  4. such a beautiful colour though! xo

  5. so disappointing how it doesn't last :( particularly for the price. Such an amazing colour though! It looked gorgeous on you :) x


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