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Apivita Express Gold with Papaya - review and demonstration

February 13, 2013

If you read my blog, you will see that I have been loving Apivita masks lately... particularly the Grape overnight eye mask (that I use as a face mask). Anyway the Apivita skincare line isn't cheap, so I looked on ebay and found a serium (usually over $114.95) and a few of these masks for a total of $37 including shipping! Anyway I got a few of these masks and I have never tried the Papaya one, so I thought I would give it it a go! This one costs $12.90 for one mask and you can get it from Priceline. Because this does cost so much, and because it contains quite a lot of product, I use these masks over two uses.

So this is a peel off exfoliating mask, and this sachet contains a powder that you place in a bowl and you mix in 3 tablespoons of water to create the paste. Because I used half the mask, I added 1.5 tablespoons of water.

This was a pretty easy process, but warning: once you apply this to your face, clean the bowl straight away otherwise it sets and becomes harder to clean. The mask turns into a dark yellow colour and has a strong tropical fruit scent, this probably smells like papaya, but I rarely eat papaya so I wouldn't know.

This mask applies bright yellow and then sets to a really thick and firm light yellow mask. This literally feels like you have just applied plaster on your face, it is soooo thick and it takes a good 30min to dry (and that's using half the mask). I was about to wash it off when I read the packet again, and realised that this is a peel off mask! I had to tap the mask to break it up and then I was able to peel off chunk off. This is not a comfortable thing to do, it hurts a bit, and I was unable to peel off the mask from underneath my eyes, around my mouth or any sensitive area or any area that has hairs.

This is what I was left with... and I had to wash of the remaining mask, which came off easily, but didn't turn back into a paste, like normal masks, instead it peeled off in almost wet paper... which got a bit messy because you can't just wash it down the sink. After using this mask my skin did feel pretty damn great, and I will use it again, but in the future I will only apply a thick patch to my forehead and to my cheeks... I will leave the rest because it was far too hard to "peel off".

Have you ever tried this mask, or even heard of a clay peel off mask? It was a lot of hassle, but it did work.


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  2. Wow, this really looks like a unique mask! Love how you've demonstrated the process! Glad you were happy with the results despite the product being difficult to remove. I tried a peel-off mask recently (Boscia Bright White) and while I liked that it was a different experience, it really hurt to remove it! I'll take a rinse-off mask any day :)



  3. Ohhh that sounds a bit annoying, trying to peel it off! I've been considering getting these masks before, but now that I've seen a review I think I'll opt for just the easier parts for peeling off :P
    Thanks for the review!

  4. I've been wanting to try these masks but they're pretty expensive to use all the time. I'm so tempted to get this though. Because you had to peel it, did you notice any difference in your skin like less blackheads? I'm imagining that this is like a really big pore strip for your whole face :P

    1. This one did make my skin really smooth, and it does leave pore marks, so I guess it does take gunk out. Its much cheaper if you look on ebay

  5. This is one of my favourite masks! I think it was such a hassle to get rid of it at the end because it is not supposed to completely dry until it becomes white like in your picture. The instructions say to leave it on for only 10-15 minutes and if you do so it feels like rubber when it's time to remove it and peels of almost in one move! However, it is indeed quite expensive and I use one sachet for two applications as well! :)


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