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20 Facts About Me

February 17, 2013

I can't be bothered writing any reviews today (I think I'm too full and lazy from going out for breakfast), so I thought I would do the 20 Facts About Me post that has been going around the beauty community lately. If you want to do this post too, I would love to read it, so please post the link in the comment section below! I have no idea what these facts will be, so lets see how it goes..

1. I went to China for a month last year and I really want to go back! I went in winter and it was freezing! Next time I want to go in spring

Harbin, China - 2012

2. I hate wearing t-shirts with logos/writing/designs on them, I own some but never wear them... I either wear plain t-shirts or t-shirts with patterns.

3. I work in an emergency department of a hospital... I just do the admin work, but I do come across some interesting things, and occasionally a death or two.

4. I have been watching reruns of 7th Heaven each morning before work...gotta love learning a daily life lesson from the Camden family.

5. Even though I find it amusing watching 7th Heaven (which is about the family of a minister), I am not at all religious and never will be!

6. I finished my law degree last year, and am taking some time off to save money/travel before I get a "real job"... hopefully by this time next year I will be a lawyer, and I can start investing in more high end makeup and skincare!

7. I also have an applied science/psych degree and honours in psychology, and I worked as a sleep scientist for 3 years

8. I have a cat named Dudley, she's a girl with a boy's name... kinda like Drew Barrymore.

9. I hate the smell of coconut or lavender, they make me sick/have a headache... so don't expect me to review any coconut or lavender scented products on my blog!

10. I got braces in December... and I can't wait to get them off!

11. I would love to include fashion into my blog, but I am so lazy with clothes and I rarely can be bothered putting too much effort into what I wear. If I can find something fashionable and comfortable, then I will wear it, but if it takes effort to wear I will default to a t-shit and jeans/shorts. Maybe I should start a blog about fashion for people who like comfortable clothes!

12. That reminds me, I am also lazy with my hair... I love to do my makeup and nails, but I hate styling my hair, which is why I finally got a pixie cut!

13. My favourite meal of the day is breakfast, and I would much prefer to go out for breakfast than to go out for dinner!

Today's breakfast

14. I'm not a big fan of sports, but I used to love watching the strong man competitions on tv with my sister... who doesn't like watching people pulling trucks?

15. Ever since I was about 15 I have been a big horror movie fan, and for the past 10+ years I have been having regular junk food and horror movie nights with my best friend from high school

16. I sleep a lot, I think I need a good 10 hours of sleep a night... I blame the sleep scientist job that ruined my sleep patterns.

17. I am a bit of a nerd, and I love video games (when I have the time), fantasy movies, tv shows and novels... I am currently reading the whole series of the Game of Thrones books.

18. I don't like meat, so I don't eat meat, but I don't like being called a vegetarian... because I don't want to be associated with the overly preachy stereotype of a vegetarian. I don't care what you eat, so don't bother me about what I eat. 

19. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I have been living with for 2 years now... he is a very good boyfriend.

20. I bought my boyfriend a framed print for Valentines Day this year, and now I really want to buy prints to put up all around out house... it will become an expensive obsession. I am also currently on the hunt for interesting/novelty salt and pepper grinders, which are proving to be very hard to find!

The print I bought for the bf


  1. wow working as a sleep scientist sounds awesome! I'll be doing my honours for psych next year (fingers crossed I get the marks...) Enjoy your sunday! I'm currently studying for a statistics exam....fun :s

    1. I got my best marks in stats! fingers crossed you get into honours!

    2. Thank you :)
      I just sat my stats exam this arvo, so glad it's over! A lot of people hate stats but I like them :)

  2. Kat you must be so smart!!! lol great post i loved reading this and i too HATE lavender and coconut smells :-/ thanks for sharing and making me laugh :)


    1. YAY! finally someone who hates lavender and coconut too!

  3. Aww, this was so fun to read! Always like learning a bit about my favourite bloggers :) I agree about breakfasts- my favourite meal too! And so neat that you worked as a sleep scientist. I'm a grad student in psychology and have been working as a therapist in an insomnia treatment trial for the past few years. Super interesting and rewarding!



    1. Thats really interesting! We didn't come across many people with insomnia, there's not much point doing sleep studies on people who don't sleep

  4. Great to learn about you :) I used to hate t shirts with writing on em too! But now I like them. If there's one thing I don't like, is the smell of lavender haha! I'm okay with coconut, but I agree, lavender is just like ehhh


  5. Agreed- fun to read! I envy all the degrees/school you've done. My greatest regret in life was not finishing college:/


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