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Small Revlon Chritsmas gift pack - Nail Enamel in 110 Really Rosy, 912 Posh Pink, Lipstick in 445 Teak Rose, and Lipgloss in 150 Peach Petal

January 6, 2013

Along with a few other goodies, my sister and I both received one of these Revlon gift packs for Christmas. My sister got one that has a green box that contained lighter shades of nail polish and lipstick and a pink gloss (I'm going from my memory because I am unable to find a photo of the green one on google anywhere!). I know Chritsmas is over, but I'm reviewing this because you might still be able to pick up some of the Revlon packs on sale, and if not, these shades are available individually.

After doing some research I found out that this pack costs approximately $20 full price. If you love Revlon, then this is a great deal because each of these items individually cost around $10+ each. You get two full size nail polishes, a lipstick and a lip gloss. The value is great, but I am a little disappointed in the shade choices. Just as an overall impression, the darker nail polish and the lipstick are ok, but a little "safe" (aka my mum will love them), the bright pink nail polish looks great on first impression until you realise that it is frosted, which all of a sudden it reminds me of being a kid in the 90s, lastly I love a good nude gloss, but this is so milky and light that this could be potentially unwearable on a lot of people.

Strange choices Revlon! ...on to the swatches so you can see what I am talking about.

445 Teak Rose, 150 Peach Petal

The swatches look pretty promising! I was worried that the Teak Rose lipstick would be too pink toned, but instead it is a nice vibrant brick red. This is the kind of shade that my mum loves, so I might offer it to her. Peach Petal looks like a light nude with a peach hint. Lets see how they look on the lips...

445 Teak Rose

The colour translates well to the lips, it applies smoothly creates a nice muted red. There is no shimmer in this lipstick, it is a classic red lipstick.

150 Peach Petal

This lip gloss does apply very light and it can look ok if you apply it quite sheer. This has no shimmer, so it does apply quite milky, and it looks a little strange if you apply it heavily. Below is a comparison between my natural lip colour, this gloss applied lightly and the gloss applied heavily.

Natural lip colour
Peach Petal lightly applied
Peach Petal heavily applied

Instantly you can see how pale this makes my lips, and how horrible it can look if you are too heavy handed with applying it. This will suit people who love light lip colours, but on me it looks like I have foundation on my lips. This is a really strange gloss to include in a pack, because I think there's probably only 10% of the population that can get away with this light lip trend. Luckily I do have a wide range of makeup, including some light lipsticks, and I can use gloss this over those lipsticks, but I don't expect most people to be able to work this easily into their makeup collection.

110 Really Rosy, 912 Posh Pink

Like the lip products, the nail polishes contain a classic muted red nail colour, that most people can get away with wearing (although this may be too boring for fashion forward people), and we have a shade that won't work on a lot of people. Posh Pink isn't at all a posh shade, instead it either screams 6 year old or trashy mutton dressed as lamb. If this pink wasn't frosted, then it would be a great bright pink, instead this is a little too tacky for me. If only I had a younger sister or cousin to give this shade to. I also find that its strange that they didn't include a nude nail polish, instead of the pink, to match the lip gloss, I think that would have been a better way to round this pack up.

If you loved all these shades then this pack is great value, but I really recommend that Revlon should hire someone a little bit more in touch with current makeup trends to assemble the Christmas packs next year.


  1. i think the other pack sounds a bit nicer,maybe younger? its a bit disappointing although they did have a good gift pack with the lip butters :)

    1. yeah I havent asked my sister what she thinks of her pack yet... I'm curious if its better

  2. Hmm it sounds like Revlon use the gift packs to get rid of some of their unpopular shades...

  3. I like the red shades in the pack, but not too keen on the pinks.

  4. I like the idea but the colours are not really my taste either!

  5. I'm such a sucker for Revlon products and this is such a cute little set! Teak Rose looks like such a versatile lipsticks, but I agree that the pink nail polish shade looks pretty out of date. Retro-inspired isn't always good ;) Thanks for the review!


    1. Yeah retro 80s and 90s is pretty bad!

  6. It's a shame the posh pink is frosted. Actually, it's pretty lame on their part.

  7. That lipstick looks like a great colour!

  8. Awh what a sad pack though I love Revlon :( I love Revlon nail polish formulas though at least!


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