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Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal eyeliners in shades 004 Taupe and 005 Nude - review and swatches, and comparison with Illamasqua Vow pencil

January 10, 2013

If you read beauty blogs, you will no dought have heard that Rimmel have brought out a new range of waterproof kohl kajal eyeliners, that are supposed to be soft, buttery and easy to apply, especially on the waterline. Well, I couldn't pass up buying a few on these, the black and the brown looked great, but I thought I would go for a few unique shades. I chose 005 Nude (since it is almost impossible to find a drugstore nude liner) and 004 Taupe, because I have never seen a shade like this and I thought it would make for a subtle waterline shade.

These sell for $9.95 each, but I bought mine on sale from Priceline for $6.95

These are very soft and buttery, so if they get too soft on a hot day, just make sure you keep them in the fridge!

005 Nude and 004 Taupe taken indoors without flash
005 Nude and 004 Taupe taken outdoors in direct sunlight
So the above photos are swatches of nude and taupe, the first line is one swipe of the liner, and then I coloured in a block so you can see how pigmented it can get. As you can see, the single line and the block look the same because the liners are SO pigmented and soft that you the full colour payoff in one swipe.

The nude has no shimmer, and almost looks like concealer, and the taupe is a nice grey toned medium brown that has a slight shimmer to it. The taupe could work well for people who don't like a bold liner look, but for me, I would only use this on the waterline or lower lash line, because it's too light for my top lash line.

These liners are waterproof so once they set, they take on a rubbery feel and they last a long time without budging. Of course you don't notice this when you're wearing it, but you will know what I mean if you have swatched these.

So I did a quick brown taupe eye look yesterday, and I used the nude on the waterline of one of my left eye, and I used taupe on the waterline of my right eye. Here is how they ended up looking:

Nude on the waterline
Taupe on the waterline

Nude: When I originally went to check these out, the Nude was the only shade that was sold out - which shows that there is a demand for nude eyeliners. One criticism I have heard about the Nude shade is that it looks a little strange when you apply it. I think you can agree that the nude on the waterline is a little too much, it does make my eyes stand out, but not for good reasons... it actually makes me look a little sick! I think the problem with this liner is that it is too peach toned, and too pigmented... it looks like I have run concealer on my waterline. The whole idea of a nude liner is that it brightens your eye, like a white liner, but it isn't as harsh and as noticeable as a white liner. I think because this nude is so bold, it is just as harsh, if not harsher than a white liner.

Taupe: I was pleasantly surprised by the taupe, it doesn't look like I have put much on my waterline, but it just brings the look together. It is a nice more subtle alternative to running black or dark brown along your waterline.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Nude compared to Illamasqua Vow pencil

The only other nude pencil that I own is Vow by Illamasqua (see my review here). When I originally bought this eyeliner, I thought it was too light, and then after making myself use it more and more, I started to really love it. I was hoping the Nude Rimmel liner would be a cheaper version of Vow, but it's definitely not.

Nude and Vow indoor lighting
Nude and Vow in direct sunlight

You can see from the swatches how orange Nude is compared to Vow. You can also see that Vow matches my skin tone much more accurately than Nude, and Nude almost looks like a salmon correcting concealer compared to Vow. I thought it is also worth noting that it only took one swipe of the Nude liner to get this pigmentation, whereas the Vow liner is much firmer and took a few swipes to build up this colour. Having a liner that you need to build up the colour, means that it can be applied very subtly or more boldly depending on which you prefer, whereas you don't have that same control over the Nude liner because it is so creamy and pigmented. I think creamy and pigmented is a great trait for a bold shade (like black or blue), but for a nude liner, there should be more subtlety, and that is definitely what this Nude shade is lacking.

Nude on the waterline
Vow on the waterline
So I decided to compare the Nude look to a look I did using Vow a little while ago. You can see that Nude looks a little cakey and unnatural, and Vow looks more natural and brightening. I will continue to use the Nude shade, but I might need to blend it out to make it more sheer.

Overall the formula for these new Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal eyeliners are outstanding for a "drugstore" brand, I will definitely go back and get some of the darker shades. I also commend Rimmel on bringing out some unique shades, such as Nude and Taupe, and it's great to see a more affordable nude liner... but I don't think the Nude eyeliner is perfect, it either needs to be a bit less pigmented, so it doesn't appear cakey, or it should be toned down to a true nude shade instead of the salmon pink. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend this range, after all, who doesn't like a smooth, creamy, super pigmented waterproof eyeliner?

Have you tried this range? What did you think?

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  1. I was really tempted by nude but I have to agree that it looks really strange! Thank you for actually swatching it where its meant to go! So many people don't. I love vow though! It looks so much more natural and bright. I'll have to check with Mr.Bank on that one :) taupe looks lovely too x

  2. I was reading this and looking at your pictures and was sure I was going to love the nude, but you've got me loving the Illamasqua one instead ;) But the Taupe color looks gorgeous and I agree it really does tie the look together somehow, great review! I hope these are in/come to the states soon :)

  3. I really want to try these out!
    I have a blog and it would be awesome if you could check it out!

  4. For such a good for formula it's a shame Nude isn't a good colour. I wanted to get the black one from Priceline during the boxing day sales but they had sold out online so I went with Bourjois clubbing waterproof liner instead. Taupe looks like a great shade, but is probably too similar to the Australis Bombastic Bronze 10 hour wear pencil to be worth getting.

  5. I'm actually happy now that I see this that I haven't been able to find Nude anywhere. I purchased this in Taupe a while ago, and very pleased that I did! It's gorgeous!
    I have been on the lookout for a nude liner, so I think I'll check out Vow!
    Thanks for the review and comparison!

    1. Vow is definitely worth the extra money!

  6. I've been wearing the Nude shade from this range but it doesn't stand out on my eyes as much as it does on yours, not too sure why but it works for me :) I want to get some of the other shades in this line as well, they all look so good.

    1. It's good to know that it works on some people!

  7. I can't find the Nude shade anywhere! :( I hope it works out on my Asian skin tone. You're right, Vow does look better against your skin tone than Nude does but both are workable! xx

    1. Hopefully it suits you. I can wear it if I blend it out a bit with a cotton bud

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. vow is my all time favourite nude liner. I have been wondering how the rimmel one would compare, thanks so much for doing this comparison!


  10. Vow definitely looks so much better than Nude - I think after the initial excitement of an affordable drugstore nude eyeliner, reality set in that it really wasn't that flattering of a shade :p

    1. Well said, hopefully this sparks other drugstore brands releasing nudes!

  11. Great review, Vow definitely beats Nude on looking great on your eyes!!



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