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Nail buffing - using the Seacret Buffing Block

January 12, 2013

This is a bit of a random post, its not really a review, I guess its more of a demonstration. I know that most people in the beauty blogging world love nail polish and nail looks, but I have never seen a post about nail buffing. I must admit, I don't buff my nails often, and I think the last time I did do it was close to 6 months ago, but I felt like buffing my nails yesterday, so I thought I would take before and after photos of it.

I have a Seacret buffing block that I got from a nail pack a few years ago, and it does work pretty well. Buffing your nails pretty much smooths all the bumps and lines from your nails and leaves a polished finish. This finish lasts until your nails grow out, so you really don't have to do this process often... which is good because if you did it often then you would probably end up with thin nails. I like this process because it leaves your nails looking really well maintained, and it also means that your nail polish looks nicer and shinier.

So buffing blocks usually have a few steps. You start with a rough side, its like a fine sandpaper which takes off all the bumps etc, which can be a bit strange because it can create a bit of nail powder (eeew). After the first step, you then you use a slightly smoother side which evens out and smooths the nail, and lastly there is a very soft side that is used to buff the nail to bring up a nice shine.

With this particular buffing block, the blue side is the first step, the grey is the second and the white is the final step. This process only takes about 5 minutes.

Nail before
After the first step
The final result

You can see that this makes a huge difference! Not only are my nails super shiny, almost like I am wearing a high shine nail polish, and you will also see that the nail groove has been buffed out. Like I said before, you won't want to do this process often because sanding your nails down will probably thin your nails over time, but this finish does last until your nails grow out, so if you wanted to maintain this look, you would probably only have to do it once every month or so. Also if you are worried about the whole concept of sanding down your nails, you can definitely do the first two steps very lightly, and focus more on the last buffing side, so you get the high shine without grinding off any of of the bumps and grooves.

Have you ever buffed your nails? What do you think about this process?


  1. I love nail buffing! It makes my nails so smooth and gives them a flat nice shape. I can't believe how shiny your nails look. That's incredible!


  2. I rarely buff my nails, usually only when I've jammed one in a door or something and I need to get it flat :) I do love the nice glossy look

    1. Its one of those things I always forget about, until I stumble across the block when rummaging through the cupboard :P

  3. Wow I thought nail buffing was just an unneccessary step but wow it makes your nails so shiny :o I'll have to get myself a buffing block!!

    1. I know hey! It is an unnecessary step if you want to be practical, but I always get surprised at how nice they can look.

  4. Oh wow! This makes such a difference - I think I need to invest in a buffing block!

    Sharleena xx

  5. I buff my nails before polish, it gets rid of all the oils on your nails making the polish last can use polish remover, but I prefer to buff as it is more natural and give a nicer finish.

  6. I have this exact same buffing block! I was so fascinated by the shiny effect when I first discovered nail buffing that I went a bit overboard and my nails started thinning and chipping. This post has reminded me how nice they can make your nails look!


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