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Mini Chemist Warehouse Haul #2

January 27, 2013

A week ago I went to Chemist Warehouse and showed my haul (see post here), and I mentioned how I wanted to pick up a Revlon Colorstay, but they only had shades Ivory and a really tanned one... so during the week I went past another Chemist Warehouse and bought a Colorstay in the shade 150 Buff for $17.48! That's a pretty awesome price, since I hate spending over $30 for a drugstore foundation.

I also picked up another Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the shade Darling for $8.98, I think I basically have the whole range of these now, and I am due for another review on my newest three.

I then got a Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Glow in Baby pink for $1.98! I was so tempted to buy the darker pink one and a few others, but I have SO many lip balms so I had to practice some serious restraint... which was really hard!

Lastly, I picked this Apivita Express Beauty with Grape mask... I actually got this from Priceline, but I thought I would include it anyway! I like these masks, but they are pretty expensive for two sachets of mask (ranging in price from $7.95 to $12.95), so I never buy them, but I used this grape one the other week and it was AMAZING! It is the type of mask that you leave on all night and my skin felt so good in the morning! After looking for these, I realised that its supposed to just be a eye mask, but one sachet covers your whole face, and I recommend trying it. This one cost $7.95, and if it ever goes on sale I will stock up!

Anyway, thats my small haul, I will try to review some of these products over the next few weeks.


  1. What great deals. I really regret not getting Revlon colorstay as I needed to pick up ivory but I could only find buff. Opposite of you :p

  2. Have yet to try revlon foundations, I really would go for the whipped one in the jar for my first foundation from them! I've recently been in love with maybelline lip products...havent tried the colored one though! Nice stuff!

  3. It's taken so much self control for me not to find another Chemist Warehouse to see if they had more stock than the one I went to last week haha. Well done on getting the foundation shade you wanted - such a good price!

  4. Can't beat Revlon sales! Glad you're loving the ColourStay foundation- has been my staple for years! And can't wait to see a review of Darling... I've been wearing the Honey Kissable Balm stain pretty much daily all month. Can't wait to pick up a couple other shades :)


  5. Wow I can't believe Revlon foundations cost as much a $18 in Austrailia! That is crazy! But great items! :)


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