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L'Occitane Cooling Hand Cream Gel with Organic Verbena Extract

January 11, 2013

Less than a week ago I did my December Empties post, and I had finished up a small tube of a L'Occitane hand cream. I concluded when I was reviewing it, that I would try other L'Occitane hand creams, but probably not that exact one. After browsing on the L'Occitane website, I mentioned I liked the look of the Cooling Hand Cream. After I had finished the post, I was looking around on Strawberrynet.com and saw that the 75ml tube was on sale for $22 (with my further discounts it came to $19.80), so I ordered it on a whim, and bam! it was delivered to my door two days ago. If you bought this in store or from the L'Occitane website, it costs $28.

So this comes in a very earthy looking brown paper box, with braille on the side!

I know its hard to read, but this pretty much says that it moisturises and refreshes the hands by leaving a soft, powdery finish on the hands. This unique cream gel formula penetrates instantly to reduce the feelings of moisture and swelling.

So some of the ingredients are quite odd, it contains tapioca starch to give the powdery finish, and it also contains alcohol (is that normal for a hand cream?)

I have never seen this type of opening before. This is the sticker that comes on the lid, and one you take the sticker off, you twist the lid to the left to open up the hole and you squeeze some out, and then you twist it back to the righ to close it. I was a little skeptical, thinking that this may get messy in your bag, but as long as you wipe all of the cream off the lid (unlike in the photos below) then it is pretty clean and secure.

Lid open
Lid closed

The tube looks light green, but the hand cream is actually white. It is quite a thin consistency, but not runny, and you don't need to use much product. It smells fresh with a soft lemon floral fragrance, which I love, and it instantly cools down you hands. This doesn't have a menthol feel, so the cooling effect isn't from something like menthol, and I actually don't know how it cools your hands, but it almost feels like you have just put cool water on your hands. The cooling sensation does start to disappear once it soaks into your hands, but it does leave your hands feeling quite refreshed. It's Summer at the moment where I live, and this cooling hand cream comes in handy on those hot days when you feel like your hands and feet are just too dry and hot and they need something to soothe them (I wish they had a foot version!).

One thing that I do and don't like about this product is the powdery finish that it leaves.  When I say powdery, it doesn't actually leave any powder residue, but it does have a similar feeling to when you have rubbed a little bit of talcum powder on your skin... you skin feels almost "matte" and smooth. What I do like about this powder effect is that it definitely doesn't leave your hands greasy or sticky, and is perfect for when you're at work, or if you are driving your car. The only thing I don't like about it, is that it makes your skin feel a little dry, which makes you want to apply a different hand cream.

Overall I think this is a really strange product. I love everything about it, except the fact that if you apply it when you feel as though you have really dry hands, this won't fix that. This is more appropriate for times where you feel like you want to refresh your hands or if you want to moisturise at work and you don't want to get it all over on your computer or paperwork etc. If I start reaching for this product before my hands are too dry, then this will probably really work well. I would consider repurchasing this as my work hand cream, but I'll keep a thicker hand cream next to my bed.


  1. Looks really interesting, I never hear about this brand before thanks for this post!


  2. Thanks for the detailed, honest review. I've posted a link to it in our L'Occitane fan forum:


    Stop by and visit sometime!

    1. Thanks for posting it to the forum!

  3. Wow this sounds awesome! I love cooling hand creams, and I love L'Octainne! Right now I have Crabtree and Evelyn hand therapy creams and they're awesome :)



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