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Good news for Australian Sleek fans!

January 30, 2013

Great news for Aussies, Lipstick Republic are now stocking Sleek makeup! You can buy the Blush by 3, the i-Divine Eyeshadow palettes, the Primer Palette and Pout Paints!

I have a few Blush by 3s, the Storm Palette and a few Pout Paints and I can definitely recommend them!

Check out some of my old review on these products:
Pout Paints
Blush By 3
Blush By 3
Storm Palette


  1. Australians can get sleek from the sleek website and it is pretty good shipping cost.

    1. yeah I know they can, and thats where I have bought mine from... but a lot of people prefer to buy them from Australian sites, especially if they are buying other makeup as well. Its not as good as getting it from the Sleek website, but its definitely better than getting it from ebay. Also I often found that my orders sometimes arrive broken when you get them from the UK.

  2. I hadn't heard of Sleek makeup before but it looks fab! I might have to buy the primer palette to try it out as I'm intrigued about it.


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